2021 St. Louis mayoral candidates

(St. Louis mayoral candidates, clockwise, top left: Tishaura O. Jones, Andrew Jones Jr., Cara Spencer and Lewis Reed.)

Aldermanic President Lewis Reed’s campaign had taken the lead in fundraising by almost $75,000, according to a new round of campaign finance reports filed Monday.

Between his campaign committee and two political PACS, Reed raised over $531,000 for his third bid to take on the city’s top leadership role.

Behind him by $75,000 is St. Louis Treasurer Tishaura Jones, who lost the last mayoral race by only 880 votes, raised $456,000 in total this election cycle. Spencer is close behind Jones with $432,600 raised altogether.

Those three candidates have all launched television ads.

Lastly, Andrew Jones raised an additional $7,368 since finance reports were filed in January. His campaign has raised $19,468 this election season — of that, $11,673 is from Andrew Jones himself.

Tishaura Jones’ campaign committee outraised all three of her opponents’ committees in the last month with $177,682. 

She comes in first when it comes to cash on-hand with approximately $177,000. Reed’s committees held around $60,000 and Spencer’s committees had $45,600 in cash on-hand. 

Contributions to a mayoral candidate is limited to $2,600, but PACs that make only independent expenditures may accept unlimited contributions.

Below is a breakdown of the fundraising reported by mayoral candidates and their PACs from Jan. 17 to Feb. 18.

Aldermanic President Lewis Reed

Reed’s campaign committee raised $104,435 in the last month — with approximately 66 contributions totaling $500 or less a piece, and 57 over $500 each. Of those 57 contributions, 24 were $2,000 or more each.

Several unions have backed Reed through contributions to his campaign committee, including Laborers' International Union of NA Local #42 whose PAC contributed $2,000, the United Food & Commercial Workers International Union AFL who contributed $2,600 and LIUNA Local 110 PAC who contributed $2,000.

LIUNA also contributed to Spencer’s campaign.

Of those who contribute the maximum $2,600 are Anna Tegethoff and Jeff Tegethoff. Jeff Tegethoff also contributed $10,000 to Reed’s PAC One St. Louis. He is a managing partner at CRG, the St. Louis real estate development and investment arm of construction firm Clayco.

Clayco and its CEO, Robert Clark, donated $55,000 in total to One St. Louis, Reed’s PAC. Clayco is a construction engineering company, and Clark worked with private-equity firm Oaktree Capital in its effort to privatize St. Louis Lambert International Airport, according to the St. Louis Business Journal.

Reed’s PAC, One St. Louis, has raised $222,000 in this election to date.

A little less than half of that came from one funder — CHIPP (Carpenters Help in the Political Process) — which donated $100,000 on Feb. 11. CHIPP is a main proponent of privatizing St. Louis Lambert International Airport.

On Feb. 17 the PAC received $20,000 from Andrew Taylor, Enterprise Holdings executive chairman. Taylor also serves as Greater St. Louis, Inc.’s founding chair.

Reed’s second PAC, Leadership Counts, has raised $37,400 to date — $25,000 of that coming from Steve Stone, developer Paul McKee Jr.’s longtime attorney.

Attorney Michael E. Whittle’s SLC Holdings LLC contributed $7,400 and Louis Hamilton, a consultant, contributed $2,500.

St. Louis Treasurer Tishaura Jones

To date, her committee has raised a total of $333,658. As was the case before, she received the most individual contributions, with 876 contributions of $500 or less each and 60 contributions over $500 each.

Of those 60 contributions, 16 were for either $2,500 or $2,600.

Among those top contributors are: Steve Cousins, with Casa LLC; Kathleen Dunne, founder of Red Bike; John Ferring, PLZ AeroScience CEO; Omar Karim, Banneker Ventures CEO; Scott Intagliata, Unico Director; David Steward II, owner of Lion Forge Comics; LeJuan Strickland, consultant.

In addition, PACS for the United Auto Works unions, Service Employees International Union, and Service Employees International Union HealthCare all donate $2,600 each.

Tishaura Jones’ PAC, 314 Forward, has raised $122,375 this election cycle, with $58,300 coming in through 16 contributions.

Eleven of those contributions were for $3,000 or less each.

Alderwoman Cara Spencer

Spencer raised an additional $103,343 through her campaign committee in the last month reported. Of the contributions reported Monday, approximately 410 totaled $500 or less each, and 34 were over $500 each.

Contributors who donated the maximum amount allowed, $2,600, were: Thompson Coburn LLP, A.S. Love, Wilkins Schneller Law LLC, Rob Vitale Post Holdings Inc., Steven Katz, Bonnie Katz and Paul Larson, CEO of Larson Financial.

The Greater St. Louis Port Maritime Council PAC contributed $2,500, as did ARCAS LLC and Joseph Bartholomew.

L.I.U.N.A. Local 110 PAC contributed $2,000 to Spencer’s campaign, and Patrick McNichols, with Innovative Construction & Roofing, contributed $2,000.

In addition to her campaign committee, Spencer’s PAC, Gateway to Progress, has received $76,050 through 22 contributions since.

Five of those contributions were for $5,000 each and are from Holland Law Firm, Marian Nunn, Tom Carnahan with Oakland Capital, David Kemper with Commerce Bank and Rosalyn King.

Two contributions totaling just under $5,000 were from JD Clarkson Company LLC and attorney Jerry Schlichter.

Donating $10,000 were MOTO Collection LLC, John Kujawaki and Daniel Ludeman with Concordance Academy.

Five of the contributions were for $500 or less each and seven were each $1,000 to $2,000.

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