A partnership between Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH), the St. Louis Regional Chamber and two non-profits is connecting people in the region with food and jobs.

With grants from MFH, the St. Louis Area Foodbank and Operation Food Search (OFS) are partnering with the chamber to hire workers displaced by the COVID-19 outbreak to help keep up with the increased need for food assistance.

These temporary employees, including displaced food service professionals, will work full-time for the next 10 weeks at the Foodbank and OFS to help sort, package and distribute food to local kids, families and seniors.

The chamber will promote the employment opportunities among its members who may have employees who are unemployed or temporarily furloughed by COVID-19 related layoffs. 

“We are living and operating in times we have not seen before,” said Valerie E. Patton, senior vice president of Inclusion and Talent Attraction at the St. Louis Regional Chamber. “The St. Louis Regional Chamber’s engagement in this collaborative is imperative to assist in the recovery of economic and employment opportunities in the region.” 

Both the Foodbank and OFS have seen spikes in the need for food assistance since the COVID-19 outbreak hit the region in mid-March. A portion of the grant funds will be used by both organizations to purchase additional food to meet the increased need for food assistance.

“Food insecurity in our communities has always been an area of focus for MFH,” said Bob Hughes, MFH president and CEO. 

“The spread of COVID-19 and the impact that it’s having on our families has intensified the food insecurity issue in Missouri, disrupting access and availability to healthy food as resources continue to be scarce. This partnership highlights the importance of our health and social safety net and the universal set of services needed for people to help build their lives, whether for the short term or long term.”

The recruitment firm Labor Finders will screen qualified applicants and conduct the hiring. Contact Labor Finders at (636) 287-3709 or (636) 244-9080.

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