Marne Madison

Marne Madison’s team at MajestiKs LLC won one of the three awards given at the Ignite Missouri’s recent cannabis pitch competition. She said, “Our overall role is to be the representation and advocate in the cannabis Industry for the community we have grown in.”

Marne Madison grew in North City connected to the soil.

“My grandfather moved his family here, leaving behind a small farm in Arkansas, to see what St. Louis had to offer for the man known with the best watermelon this side of the Mississippi. After landing a contract to sod and landscape the grounds of the Gateway Arch, my grandfather took on several roles to impact the new place he called home. Providing housing opportunities and tons of jobs at this landscaping company are just a few of the ways he impacted his neighbors, and is still remembered today,” Madison said.

“Being one of the youngest grandchildren, we didn’t have a lot of time together to learn the family business, but I think I inherited everything genetically. Although I attended college for finance/accounting, my green thumb has always sat patiently waiting for its turn.”

Madison believes she has found her destiny in medical cannabis and is preparing her application to open a dispensary.

Who are you and what do you do?

Marne Madison: I’m a community advocate for financial literacy, and health and wellness. I am the founder of Her Herbs, an online herbal shop geared towards the awareness of natural alternatives for women’s reproductive health concerns. Over the past few years, I have helped over 100 women throughout my community and globally subside health issues from minor migraines to fibroid or thyroid complications. Horticulture and Agriculture have been the forefront of my studies while volunteering at the Earth Dance Farm School in Ferguson. I have dedicated years to learning, understanding, and growing hundreds of household herbs. With years of hands-on experience and knowledge, I have now found myself to be a leading influence as one of the most common medicinal plants, cannabis, has finally made its way into Missouri.

What made you fall in love with cannabis?

Marne Madison: Science! As you embark on a journey to learn and understand you and your body, you in many ways become a mini-scientist. When I first came across endocannabinoid receptors, my eyes went straight to the root “canna.” I researched everything there was to know about this system and how it helps the mind, body and soul align together. I literally became consumed in the education of cannabis.

Why do you want to work in Missouri’s cannabis industry?

Marne Madison: Being well-versed in herbal studies and attending horticulture school years ago has manicured me for this moment. Have you ever felt destined for something? Well, honestly, me either – until now! On top of all the hard work, my business partner and I have been doing these past months, I feel destined. I have studied and worked closely with this budding industry for years and promised to be prepared if Missouri was giving a chance. With my networking from trade shows and industry leaders on the West Coast, I want to provide Missouri businesses several opportunities to be successful inside of the Industry.

Why is it important for women to be involved in the cannabis industry?

Marne Madison: We have always lived in a predominately male-driven society. I was reminded of this every day throughout my corporate career, being one of the only women in operational management. Women have always lacked proper representation inside of companies, when studies show we are the best decision makers and business partners to have. I think it’s extremely important for women to be involved in the industry to show equality. Its pivotal for young girls coming up to know that opportunities are limitless throughout the industry. And I personally think if you want something done right, ask a woman to do it (I may be a little biased.)

What motivates you?

Marne Madison: My community and my family – I know it’s so cliché, but seriously. Statistically and realistically speaking, there aren’t many who look like me working in the industry. It’s my time, and the time is now. There are so many community engagement and youth development programs to come from this opportunity. I want to teach the community about health, wellness, and herbs. I want the youth to start early growing their own food and obtain the tools and resources to make this world green.

My family is my overall motivating force. To hear of all the good things my grandfather did throughout his community and to wish I was able to work beside him has always kept me going. A lot of days I feel like my grandfather is my extra strength to pull through and complete the day.

What are your and your company’s roles in the cannabis industry?

Marne Madison: Being the co-founder of MajestiKs LLC, a potential minority-owned dispensary in the City of St. Louis, we plan to continue to be on a leader and influencer throughout the industry and community. Social equity, and justice are some of the main focuses of MajestiKs overall objective to give back. There needs to be proper representation for such a traumatic disconnect the cannabis prohibition has caused inside of my neighborhood. We plan to be a hub for low-income veterans and qualifying patients in relevance to the industry and the community. Our overall role is to be the representation and advocate in the cannabis Industry for the community we have grown in.

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