Leslie Gill

Rung for Women – a St. Louis nonprofit agency focused on empowering women to achieve sustained independence – broke ground on its new 3.7 acre facility in Fox Park in May, and it intends to enroll an initial class of 100 members in the second quarter of 2020, primarily through partner referrals.

It is specifically focused on recruiting women who earn less than St. Louis’ average annual median household income (currently around $59,800), but enough to make them ineligible for state or federal assistance. Many of these women struggle at multiple jobs without the ability to improve their financial situation, and Rung for Women aims to help them break out of a cycle of poverty that is often proliferated from one generation to the next.

Applicants must be at least 21 years old with a high school degree or GED, have at least six months of stable housing and employment, and be committed to finding a career and financial stability.

“Once a new member is enrolled in our program, she will be paired with one of Rung for Women’s certified coaches, who will advise her in setting her own goals through a customized program based on each woman’s personal experience,” said Executive Director Leslie Gill.

“The coaching element makes Rung for Women truly unique. Many other organizations focus on helping a woman through an experience – sometimes traumatic – in her past, but Rung for Women is forward-looking and helps each member develop a plan to achieve her own future success.”

Rung for Women’s network of service providers will focus on four main areas that lead to self-sufficiency: well-being, family stability, career development and wealth building. These service providers be located in the same facility and connected through software created by Rung for Women, similar to the software used in hospitals, helping them work together and keep track of progress on personalized plans for each member. 

“Our new space in Fox Park will bring together an amazing group of co-designers in one convenient location to provide women in the St. Louis region with the tools, training and resources they need to find success,” said founder Ali Kindle Hogan.

To learn more about Rung for Women, visit RungforWomen.org

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