Wiley Price, IV

Wiley Price IV, Missouri State representative, 84th district

Missouri’s Nov. 3 General Election resulted in a number of black lawmakers being elected or re-elected, with a majority running unopposed, as well as notable newcomers to the Jefferson City statehouse in 2021.

Unofficial results from Missouri’s House of Representatives races, Black unopposed winners from the St. Louis area, all Democrats,  include Marlene Terry 66th, Neil Smith 67th, Rep. Jay Mosley 68th, Raychel Proudie 73rd, Mike Person, 74th, Rep. Alan Gray, 75th,  Marlon Anderson, 76th, Kimberly-Ann Collins, 77th, LaKeySha Bosley,79thWiley Price, IV, 84th, Kevin Windham Jr., 85th, and Joe Adams (D) 86th.


While most of the African American lawmakers faced no opposition in the general election, Gray said that may be coming to an end.

“With this Clean Missouri, that might change everything. The way (leaders of the Clean Missouri initiative) are talking about drawing the legislative lines, it’s going to force,  instead of representing your neighborhood, you will almost always have an opponent,” Gray said. 

“I think this is probably one of the last races we will all be unopposed for the general elections. We will have to see.”

In addition to making marginal changes to restrictions on lobbyist gifts and campaign donation limits, the initiative, also known as Amendment 3, effectively ends a redistricting system that voters backed in 2018. Widely known as Clean Missouri, that plan would have empowered a demographer to draw House and Senate districts that emphasized partisan fairness and competitiveness.

Because voters approved Amendment 3, either bipartisan commissions or appellate judges will draw state legislative maps.

In two races in which the incumbent faced opponents in the general election, Rasheen Aldridge Jr. (D) 78th defeated Republican Timothy Gartin, who received 1,871 votes to Aldridge’s 11,023 votes.

Rep. Shamed Dogan (R) 98th  defeated Democratic challenger Angie Schaefer, who received 8,950 votes to Dogan’s 13,367 votes.

Angela Waltom Mosley is a new state senator who was elected to represent north St. Louis County, replacing term-limited Gina Walsh. Walton Mosley defeated Libertarian Jeff Coleman. He received 9,018 votes to Walton Mosley’s 63,292 votes. 

Sen.-elect Walton Mosley and her husband, Rep. Jay Mosley, are believed to be stepping into Missouri history as the first husband and wife to be elected to serve in the Missouri House and Senate at the same time. 

Although she will be a freshman Democratic senator in Jefferson City next session, Walton Mosley is well-versed in politics. In addition to her husband being  re-elected in the 68th District, her brother-in-law, Rep. Alan Gray, was re-elected in the 75th District (a district previously represented by his wife, who is Walton Mosley’s sister, Rochelle Walton Gray) and will become vice chair of the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus. 

Walton Mosley’s stepmother was the late former Rep. Juanita Walton, who was married to her father, former state Rep. Elbert Walton, a decisive figure in North County politics. 

With Walton Mosely’s election, there are now five Black state senators in Missouri — four from the St. Louis area. Rep. Steve Roberts won election to the Senate in District 5, defeating Republican Michael Hebron, who received 8,201 votes to Robert’s 55,427 votes. Democrat Rep. Barbara Anne Washington of Kansas city is now a senator-elect, after defeating Republican challenger David Martin, 10,909 votes to Washington’s 50,722 votes.

The Missouri Legislative Black Caucus

The general election resulted in there being 25 Missouri Legislative Black Caucus members. From the St. Louis area: Sen. Brian Williams, Sen. Karla May, Sen.-elect Steve Roberts, Sen.-elect Angela Walton Mosley; Rep. LaKeySha Bosley, Rep. Jay Mosley, Rep. Rasheen Aldridge, Rep. Marlene Terry, Rep.-elect Neil Smith, Rep. Michael A. Person, Rep. Alan Gray, Rep. Shamed Dogan, Rep. Wiley Price IV, Rep. Kevin Windham, Rep.-elect Marlon Anderson, Rep.-elect Kimberly-Ann Collins, Rep. Joe Adams, and Rep. Raychel C. Proudie.

From the Kansas City area:  Sen.-elect Barbara Washington, Rep. Richard Brown, Rep. Mark Sharp, Rep. Jerome Barnes, Rep. Yolanda Young, and Rep.-elect Michael Johnson. 

The Black Caucus members are mostly Democrats in a super majority Republican state legislature. They will have to continue to reach out to their GOP colleagues in Missouri to get support and movement on any proposed legislation. 

Gray said Missouri Legislative Black Caucus members make up about 40 percent of the Democratic Legislative Caucus.

Shalonda Webb elected to St. Louis County Council

On a separate north St. Louis County election of note, Shalonda Webb was elected in the Nov. 3 County Council race in District 4, defeating incumbent Councilwoman Rochelle Walton Gray.

District 4 includes Black Jack, Florissant, Spanish Lake, Bellefontaine Neighbors, Riverview, and the northeast area of unincorporated St Louis County.

“My passion is the community service aspect of the job and it is disappointing I will no longer have the accessibility to continue to bring much-needed services to North County,” Walton Gray said.

“Hopefully, I will be able to continue to serve the community in some other capacity.”

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