St. Johns Christmas Club Lady

For people who want an easy and automatic way to save, a St. Johns Bank Christmas Club account is a good option.

Savings deposits are made automatically from an existing St. Johns Bank checking account. Once the account is set up, you do not have to think about it again until you get your annual direct deposit on Oct. 31. There is a $10 minimum contribution per deposit period, and additional in-person deposits can be made at any time.

That annual deposit comes at an especially good time of year. Of course you can use the money for holiday shopping but it can also be used for real estate taxes, personal property taxes or sprucing up your home for those holiday gatherings.

If you are thinking of home ownership, you could also roll the proceeds into a Homebuyer’s CD. With this CD, you make regular contributions and then qualify for a $300 credit toward closing costs when you finance your home with St. Johns Bank.

St. Johns Bank also offers checking accounts that can provide added benefits like cell phone insurance, roadside assistance, discounts with local businesses, discounts on vision, pharmacy and hearing services, ID theft aid and travel accidental death coverage. Cell phone insurance, roadside assistance and personal identity theft benefits are subject to terms and conditions. The insurance products are not a deposit, not FDIC-insured by any federal government agency and not guaranteed by the bank.

These are just a few of the many ways St. Johns Bank can help you live a smarter financial life.

Founded in 1926, St. Johns Bank is a locally owned, community bank with five locations in St. Louis and St. Charles counties, serving the entire metropolitan St. Louis area. For information on the bank or our services, please call (314) 428-1000 or visit

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