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April is National Financial Literacy Month – a good time to strengthen your understanding of personal finance and investing.

Recent research shows that financial stability is still hard to come by for many Americans. However, careful planning, goal setting and flexibility can help people feel more confident about their finances.

Financial education is an often overlooked but valuable tool that can help build financial stability. Understanding how to manage your money and make it work for you is an important step on the road to achieving your financial goals. And you can greatly expand your financial expertise through Edward Jones’ Financial Fitness program, a mobile and digital education platform that is free and available to everyone. Through a series of self-guided, interactive modules, you can explore what’s most relevant to you and receive practical tips on a comprehensive array of financial topics, such as:

Managing debt: Some loans, such as a mortgage or car note, are part of a healthy approach to finance. High-interest-rate consumer loans and credit card balances, on the other hand, can be difficult to manage. Understanding and controlling debt can make it easier to save and invest for the future.

Saving for emergencies: Whether a major car repair, new furnace or large doctor’s bill, unexpected costs will always be a part of life – which is why it’s important to learn techniques for building emergency savings.

Owning a home: Homeownership is a core strategy for financial strength. And you can learn the process, resources and requirements to buy a home, or an investment property, while still sticking to a budget.

Investing for retirement: You may spend two or three decades in retirement, so it’s essential to be prepared for it financially. Becoming familiar with the investment accounts available to you and your Social Security benefit options can help you enjoy a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle in retirement.

Planning for financial caregiving: You may someday become a financial caregiver for a parent or other family member. To protect everyone’s interests, you’ll want to plan ahead, communicate with your loved ones and learn about the financial and legal documents involved in caregiving and estate planning.

Edward Jones is committed to improving financial literacy within the communities we serve by focusing on individuals and their families. The Edward Jones Financial Fitness program meets that need by helping to provide a solid understanding of the basics of personal finance and investing. With a little bit of knowledge, finding financial confidence can seem a lot easier. Visit edwardjones.com/financialfitness to get started.

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