2020 Democratic Ticket Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

2020 Democratic Ticket Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

What more can possibly be said to persuade people of the need to vote Donald J. Trump out of the White House by voting in the ticket of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? Trump is a white nationalist, a racist, a traitor, a xenophobe, a misogynist, a science denier and a liar who has dishonored every American institution and done more to lower the standing of the United States in the eyes of the world than any one single other person in history. Joe Biden is sane, anti-racist, science-based, and accountable, and he made an inspired choice of running mate in Kamala Harris, a tough-as-nails U.S. senator, former state prosecutor and strong Black woman with recent immigrant roots. Only the very wealthy seeking tax cuts at the expense of social services and deeply racist committed to criminalizing abortion have any reason to vote for four more years of the hateful chaos that is the Trump presidency. With all of our might, we strongly endorse JOE BIDEN FOR U.S. PRESIDENT AND KAMALA HARRIS FOR VICE PRESIDENT.

Those progressives for whom neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris was a first choice for the top of the ticket still have good reason to vote with unbridled enthusiasm in this election if they live in the 1st Congressional District. Voters in the district have the historic opportunity to elect Missouri’s first Black congresswoman in Cori Bush, the protest leader who delivered a stunning primary upset to 10-term incumbent Wm. Lacy Clay on August 4. Clay won the general election with 80% of the vote in 2018, and we expect Bush to do at least that well on November 3. So, though she may not need your vote as badly as Biden/Harris do, she has earned it as much or more. We strongly endorse CORI BUSH FOR U.S. CONGRESS.

Comparing vote totals in the August 4 primary would not give Democrats much hope, as for most seats at least 100,000 more people voted for a Republican in the primary than for a Democrat. This is also true in the lieutenant governor’s race. However, because unelected, do-nothing incumbent Mike Kehoe had three primary challengers and the Democratic nominee Alissia Canady had only one opponent, Canady is the only Democrat on the November 3 ticket who garnered more primary votes than her opponent. A former City Council member and prosecutor from Kansas City, Canady would be a powerful advocate for seniors and veterans and a voice of sanity as president of the the Missouri Senate. We strongly endorse ALISSIA CANADY FOR LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR.

For an unusually calm, sedate and respectful politician, St. Louis County Executive Dr. Sam Page has inspired strangely virulent opposition from the conservative Democrats who want the office back, their Republican allies and a few highly visible Black operatives. Before both the primary and general elections, prominent Black people in public life allowed their disagreements with Page to be weaponized as law suits against him. We consider Hazel Erby’s suit filed recently against Page to be a particularly desperate Hail Mary attempt to damage Page in the general election, considering that in the August 4 primary nearly 200,000 people voted for a Democratic county executive and less than 50,000 voted for a Republican. Despite his often unfair and (thinking here of youth sports) even unhinged opposition, we believe Page has made good choices in the COVID-19 pandemic, a leadership test of a lifetime that he is passing with unusual calm, despite the noise that surrounds him. We strongly endorse DR. SAM PAGE FOR ST. LOUIS COUNTY EXECUTIVE.

Amendment 1 on the November 3 ballot would impose the two-term restriction that currently applies to the Missouri governor and treasurer to the other four statewide offices: lieutenant governor, secretary of state, auditor and attorney general. Though these offices have mostly been used as stepping stones for politicians with their eyes on higher power, especially governor and U.S. Senate, we believe term limits would be good precautions. Term limits for state legislative seats have had a poor effect, with necessary, collective knowledge and experience regularly decimated by them, but an elected executive has the opposite dynamic: the longer they stay, the worst they get. The long tenure leads to a calcification and lack of imagination; the emphasis becomes on how do we stay, not what can we get done. Everybody starts with an agenda and a fixed amount of energy; you either execute the agenda or you don’t, but you always exhaust the energy. We strongly endorse a vote of YES ON AMENDMENT 1.

Previously endorsed: Nicole Galloway for governor, Yinka Faleti for secretary of state, Vicki Englund for treasurer, Rich Finneran for attorney general, Jill Schupp for Congress, No on Amendment 3, Yes on Proposition D (City of St. Louis), Yes on Proposition R (City of St. Louis).

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