Brian McKnight

Last weekend, Brian McKnight’s children took to social media with claims that he has abandoned them for his new wife.

“I don’t think that there is any situation that warrants the way my father has chosen to treat me, my sister, my brother or his grandchildren – one being his first son’s first born, who bears our name,” Brian McKnight Jr. said via Instagram in a post that has since been deleted.

The rift stems from claims by from the McKnight siblings that their father has chosen his new wife over his children.

Daughter Bri McKnight added fuel to the rumor with an Instagram post of her own.

“It sucks knowing that someone else, who is not blood related to you comes before you in every single way.”

Their father took to his own social media account with claims that their broken family is because of his children’s sense of entitlement.

In the Instagram video, titled “Today’s Nonsense,” the elder Brian McKnight calls the allegations against him “heinous” and said he has “never done anything adverse” to his children.

“I guess one of my only faults is that I gave my children everything I didn’t have in hopes that they would appreciate it because I know how much I would’ve appreciated it when I was their age,” he said in the seven-minute video.

He said his wife Leilani, whom he married in 2017, had even tried to help them get on their feet but their response to her was like a “spit in her face.” Brian McKnight said Leilani offered his sons a job at a local children’s hospital where she worked, but they declined the offer because they didn’t want to stop smoking marijuana. He added that Brian Jr. had even broke into his home a few months ago and vandalized a wedding photo of him and Leilani and placed a wedding photo of his mother, Julie McKnight, and father on Leilani’s vanity. 

Sources: The Blast, Instagram, YouTube, OK Magazine

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