Kanye West

R&B singer and Broadway star Stephanie Mills cracks Kanye West for his presidential run that may lure votes away from the Joe Biden and help Donald Trump win reelection – and “The Masked Singer” host Nick Cannon, for saying he would vote for him. In a video posted on Instagram, Mills said she knows West is struggling mentally, and she hopes and prays that he gets the help he needs. “If he’s trying to help our community by running for president, it’s not helping out our community,” Mills said. “He’s not qualified to be president, but neither is the person in the White House at this time. Kanye is a distraction.”

But Cannon, she said, “Nick, you should know better.”

“For you to come out and support Kanye – what is that?” Mills chided. “Kanye is being paid to do what he’s doing. Are we to understand that you are being paid to be a distraction?” She said they are acting like two little boys in a sandbox with toys, who need to take their toys and go home and sit down.

“We have no time for you two to be out here acting like little paid slaves.”

Even Kanye’s old friend John Legend had a word for Kanye when he tweeted “Anyway.... Anyone reckless and/or misinformed enough to fall for the okey doke probably wasn't voting for Biden (or voting at all),” in response to a tweet by Vice News political reporter Cameron Joseph that said, “The GOP lawyer who helped @kanyewest get on the ballot in Wisconsin is actively working for @real DonaldTrump’s campaign.”

Sources: Black Enterprise, Essence, FoxNews, Instagram, NewsOne, Newsweek, People, The Blast, The Hollywood Reporter, Twitter

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