Malik Yoba

Malik Yoba used his Instagram account to let the world know that he is attracted to transwomen. He made the admission in the caption of a video he posted of Maurice “Reese” Willoughby, a 20-year-old Philadelphia man being bullied on camera for dating a transgender woman, Willoughby reportedly died of a drug overdose after his girlfriend left him shortly after the incident.

“This video is another heartbreaking example of the homophobia, transphobia hatred and hypocrisy WE as black folks, BLACK MEN in particular have to NAME, FACE and CALL OUT and do the work to heal!!!” Yoba writes.”I love ALL women AND count MYSELF among those that find themselves trans attracted and I too have felt the self-imposed shame that comes with that truth but it’s time to speak up. It is NOT about GENITALIA OR SEX but about attraction to the soul and humanity of an individual.”

After saying she has his support, the mother of Yoba’s two children voiced her frustration that the “New York Undercover” and “Empire” actor did not discuss his relationship with their kids.

“I expressed that 2 months ago to you when I became aware of your current trans relationship,” the woman, whose IG handle is Terryoneandonly, continued in her comment. “Why did you NOT have a conversation with our children and wait till last night to text our 1st born with this info. Yet you were preparing your Public months ago on IG! Our children support you and keep so much a secret of what really goes down with our family dynamic. I asked to meet you over a month ago and you have yet to make time. So here I am !! If you know better, then do better! Family is first over ALL.”


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