Cedric Cobb

Cedric Cobb, founder, president and CEO of Best Wardrobe Solutions, will pitch his Best Pocket Square Holder on the hit television show ‘Shark Tank’ this Sunday.

Regardless of whom you ask, two things for sure will be said about Cedric Cobb. The first is that his enthusiasm tank is always full. The second is he is always sharp, both in intellectual capacity and in impeccable appearance.

But he’s not “clean” for the sake of style. He “dresses for connections.”

“When you dress well and you feel like you look good, you feel good,” Cobb said. “When you feel good, you are more confident. When you are more confident, you can make more money. And when you are projecting the right image, people treat you differently. Everybody has a little more ‘act right’ on them.”

His quest to present the perfect image became an idea for an opportunity to make  money while watching the Steve Harvey talk show back in 2015. Harvey was on television wearing one of the “casket sharp” suits that he’s known for, but his pocket holder was out of place.

In that moment, Cobb connected with the man who he considers a role model in a totally different way. It was the same problem Cobb had faced countless times. That lopsided pocket square was a direct threat to Harvey’s swag – and Cobb knew the feeling, because he faced it countless times in his own life. Cobb also knew that every other man who fought to keep his pocket square in position understood the struggle.

Starting Sunday, Cobb will be on television too – with the hopes of getting his Best Pocket Square Holder, which is part of his Best Wardrobe Solutions brand, to the next level through the hit reality show, “Shark Tank” this Sunday (Apr. 28, 9 p.m. CST). Cobb, who is founder, president and CEO of Best Wardrobe Solutions, will host a watch party for Sunday’s show starting at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

The show allows businesses to pitch before a panel of super successful entrepreneurs who garnered fame on the strength of their business savvy. Among them are billionaire Mark Cuban. The “sharks” are pitched to, with the hopes that they will see enough value in the product to invest.

The ABC show was an instant hit for the network – and is still going strong after ten seasons.

The description of his product already sounded like a pitch worthy of a win.

“100 percent of men have the same problem – pocket squares do not stay in place unless you have something to hold it there,” Cobb said. “And there was no dignified solution that existed on the market that would allow a man to hold his pocket square in place, to look good all day long and not fight with a little 10x10 piece of material in his pocket.”

With a career in sales and marketing that spans nearly 20 years, his proficiency to close deals peppers his talk about the product and the business that grew out of it nearly five years ago.

“We’ve not only been able to solve a problem with them, but give them another dimension to their look with the Best Pocket Square Holder,” Cobb said.

He’s ready for prime time.

“I can’t tell you how excited I am,” Cobb said. “Some of the things I’ve said on the show is that I don’t just represent myself as I stand here. I represent a whole city.

St. Louis has taken a lot of losses on a national level for the last few years and we really need something that is positive on a national level that our city can get behind. I’m praying that I can be that person on this show.”

Several of the products featured on “Shark Tank” have gone on to earn millions – including the Scrub Daddy sponge and the Squatty Potty. Cobb counts his faith – and the obedience and sacrifice that came because of it – as the competitive edge of getting a spot on the show.

“With there being over 50,000 a year tryout and they only select a couple hundred people, I can’t say that there is anything that I did, because the numbers say otherwise,” Cobb said. “There are plenty of other great businesses out there – some as good, or even better than mine. But when God gets into it and he takes you from the back of the line and pushes you to the front – All I can say is, ‘favor isn’t fair.’”

Favor didn’t eliminate the fear.

“I was scared out of my mind. You’ve got one shot at this thing. You’ve got a minute to win it,” Cobb said. “You are doing it in one take and once you are in the tank, you are in the tank. You have to swim or be eaten.”

The experience felt like a championship opportunity and that all roads have led to this. He put a lot of pressure on himself, because he felt like he was representing St. Louis as a whole.

“Did I come in prepared? Did I come in articulating myself? Did I have enough confidence?” Cobb said “All of those things were running through my mind. Instead of those things making me paralyzed, they actually triggered me to do better.”

Preparation was the key for him – and is essential in every aspect of life.

“That way you can go into a situation and regardless of how it works out, you walk out feeling good because you left it all in the tank,” That’s exactly what I did. I left it all in ‘The Tank’ and  I gave it everything I had.”

He called the initial pitch an “out of body experience” – like he had left his own body and was standing behind myself watching the whole thing take place.

“I felt like I was watching myself on television,” Cobb said. “It was one of the most awkward but amazing feelings I have ever had – and I cannot wait for you guys to see what all take place in the tank because of all of this.”

ABC’s Shark Tank airs at 9 p.m. on Sunday, April 28. A watch party for the show will take place at 7 p.m. at St. Louis City Hall, 1200 Market Street. For more information on Best Wardrobe Solutions, visit https://www.bestpocketsquareholder.com

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