Jordan Rock

“Good comedy is like magic,” said comedian and actor Jordan Rock. “You’re asking a room full of people to have an involuntary response. Being on stage and seeing a joke work, it’s like ‘man, I’m really doing this.’”

He’ll be making magic in St. Louis during a four-night headlining engagement at the Funny Bone St. Louis that continues through Sunday. 

Jordan Rock chose comedy as a career path in his final stretch of high school ten years ago. “I was getting ready to go to college, and you know how they give you those pep talks, where they’re like, ‘‘y’all better figure out what you want to do with your life,’” Jordan said. “And I was like, ‘damn, is there anything that I want to do? Whatever I have to do for the rest of my life, it needs to be fun.”

At the time he had one brother, Chris, who was – and still is –  among the biggest names in comedy. Another brother, Tony, was enjoying success in his own right. He continues to make a name for himself as a television actor and reliable funnyman on the urban comedy scene.  Jordan jumped right in. He moved to his family’s old Brooklyn neighborhood and got busy.

“The first level of it is just showing people you are serious,” said Jordan. “Coming out, people were like ‘he’s just doing it because of his last name’. They kind of feel you out longer than they would other comics. I knew about comedy from my brothers, but I was like, ‘I have a point of view. I have something to say.’”

He soon realized he was in the deep end of the comedy grind going it alone. When he first started, his brothers were essentially hands off. “They let me come to New York and just run around for five years telling jokes to just find myself,” Jordan said. “They would give me advice, but it was just me by myself. They wouldn’t take me on the road or anything.”

The same could be said amongst the comedy scene as he sought out mentorship and guidance. “People were like, ‘you don’t need a big brother in comedy, because you already have big brothers in comedy,’” Jordan said.

He kept grinding – and growing. Everyone saw that he was serious. Being forced to crawl and then walk into comedy singlehandedly ended up being a blessing in disguise. He paid his dues. His big brothers and others within the comedy scene took notice as he developed a solid act.

“When the jokes kept getting better, and I showed consistency, then Tony started letting me open for him,” Jordan said. “Because I had the respect of my peers.”

An endorsement from outside of the Rock family was what let him know for sure that he has earned a rightful place within the comedy scene – and has the chops to take it to the next level.

“Meeting Dave Chappelle and having a conversation with him was what did it for me,” Jordan said. “After him seeing me on stage and telling me I was funny, I was like, ‘Oh [expletive], I guess I can do this. He told me to keep on developing, so I’m gonna keep on going.”

He’s been on the road for two years opening for Tony. He’s appreciative of the opportunity – not just because Tony is his brother, but because he’s an immensely talented comedian and actor.

“He’s off the chain,” Jordan said of Tony. “He’s always working, but he’s only one role away from [expletive] being through the roof. “

As an actor, Jordan just wrapped a three-season run on Netflix’s “Love.” He has several projects lined up in the next year in addition to his standup and is excited to see where his career takes him.

“It’s been a long journey – It’s been a marathon – and It’s still going,” Jordan said. “I’m still learning and growing. Right now, I’m in a really good place.”

Jordan Rock will headline the Funny Bone St. Louis at Westport Plaza through April 22. For tickets and addition information, visit

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