Kayla Thompson aka KVtheWriter

Kayla “KVtheWriter” Thompson will mark the premiere of her new EP, ‘Love Sucks’ with a special performance Tuesday, April 30 at The Monocle.

An ice cream break during a studio session changed the course of Kayla “KVtheWriter” Thompson’s latest artistic endeavor.

She talked about the experience on a recent edition of St. Louis On The Air with St. Louis Public Radio’s Jeremy Goodwin as she prepares for the release of her “Love Sucks” EP next week. The release will be celebrated with a live show on Tuesday, April 30 at The Monocle.

She’s been releasing pieces of “Love Sucks” through various mediums since February leading up to Tuesday’s show. “I started with the video. I released some pictures and I’ll end with the live music – and the project will be dropping the same day [as the show].

In her chat with Goodwin, she discusses the actual moment that inspired the music.

“I was at the studio – I have a home studio and this guy I was dating at the time called and said he wanted to meet up,” Thompson said. “I was happy to see him.”

She was so happy that she stopped in the middle of a recording session to spend time with him. He offered to go get ice cream. She felt his energy was off on the car ride over to the Snow Factory.

When they arrived, he asked if she wanted anything and placed his order. She didn’t. She sat there watching him eat ice cream. As he was eating, he started a conversation about them seeing other people.

“I went back to the studio and my producer, Blair the Machine, was like, ‘where have you been?’” Thompson said. “I was like, ‘I just got dumped.’”

She moped around the studio for a few days. Then her producer decided that she should let her life inspire the art. “He said, ‘I’m gonna make you a beat, so you can get over this,’” said Thompson.

It was the instrumental for “Snow Factory,” the song that lays out the details of her getting dumped over ice cream. “We kind of created the whole project around that theme of ‘Love Sucks,’” Thompson said.  The chorus for “Snow Factory,” makes the experience plain. “We doing this over ice cream, you break up with me over ice cream.”

“I feel like I got very personal with the story,” Thompson said. “If you listen very closely to ‘Snow Factory,’ I chronicle every detail of the breakup. A lot of songs, you hear ‘oh, someone broke my heart,’ but they’re not really talking about the actual actions that the person did to actually break their heart.”

The whole project talks about different situations and scenarios. Thompson was the bad guy in some of them.

“Starting from track one, where I’m the trash person in the relationship – to the last song “Snow Factory,” which is where I get my karma back,” Thompson said.

She hasn’t eaten ice cream since the breakup. She hadn’t been back to the Snow Factory until she went there to shoot the video for the song that inspired the EP. She filmed in the same booth where the breakup took place.

“I’m pretty used to being vulnerable in my writing and my music,” said Thompson.

The Monocle show will include a set of beats created by her production team Finesse The Sound, which includes Blair, Be.Be and Asa.

Be.Be will perform her own set as will Asa, who is a singer and musician.

Thompson’s portion is to serve as the culminating event. She will do music and poetry – and will be backed by a live band. As her name suggests, she is a writer and published author – and will have her books for sale at the show.

“We will have some special treats for those who are in the building,” said Thompson.

KVtheWriter Presents: Love Sucks will take place at 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 30 at The Monocle, 4510 Manchester. For more information about the show, visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/love-sucks-tickets-58152773511

Published with permission of St. Louis Public Radio from https://news.stlpublicradio.org/.

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