Craig Thomas, Bradd Young, M.C. and Vega Heartbreak

Craig Thomas, Bradd Young, M.C. and Vega Heartbreak at the premiere for the

video ‘Monday’ Sunday afternoon at Marcus Des Peres Cinema.

As he fought back emotions, local veteran rapper M.C. admitted that his latest song “Monday” was one he never, ever wanted to write. A tribute to his late mother Arleen Bills, who passed away recently after a battle with cancer, M.C. premiered the video on Sunday – what would have been her birthday.

“Writing this record, I really just sent it to a few friends and family. It wasn’t something that I was going to release to the public,” M.C. told the crowd. “But the text messages I received… the phone calls, people crying after hearing it. People were saying you’ve got to put this out. People have got to hear this.”

As he does with everything he does, M.C. presented the video with an extra element of swag. He rented out a theater inside of the Marcus Des Peres Cinemas for a Sunday matinee.

“She’s here right now – happy she’s being honored in this way,” singer and “Monday” producer Bradd Young told the capacity crowd as he prepared to introduce M.C. and Vega Heartbreak, who sings the hook on the song. “This is about love.”

The video, directed by Craig Thomas, begins with M.C. leaving the hospital, jumping into his car and beating on the steering wheel to vent his frustration regarding the devastating loss.

“This wound still deep like that cut came yesterday,” M.C. raps. “The pain is strong, these days is long. I’m in a daze day after day they say it’s a phase that can’t be the case. I don’t want to move on, how can I smile when you not around. You my motivation, wanted you to be proud. You will never fade in my heart so this pain won’t ever ease up. I will never let go of that bond that’s between us.”

“I ain’t never felt no pain like this before” Vega sings on the chorus.

The song also features M.C.’s daughter Young Marlee Mar.

“She told me, ‘Daddy, I want to be on the track too,’” M.C. said. “I knew she was going through her own pain. I had her counselors at school saying she would go to them and say she misses her Ya Ya.”

M.C. then played a second clip from earlier in his career that featured his mother in the video and was all about his quest to make her proud of him through success in the music industry and as a person.

“I played that from like 8 years ago to show y’all that the love I have for my mom  has been the same when she was here and it’s at a higher level now,” M.C. said, having to pause more than once to get his emotions in check. He said his respect level for her has reached a new tier since her passing as he sees through fatherhood the sacrifices she made while raising him – as well as what she was able to accomplish and provide for the family all while enriching his life.

“Growing up as a kid, you grow up with that youthful ignorance,” M.C. said. “It don’t matter if you come from a one-parent household or a two-parent household, strong parents never let you see them sweat, they just take care of business. It’s hard to know what you are missing when you are not missing it.”

Family, friends, music industry peers as well as friends and former classmates of his mother filled the theater to the point where guests were lined along the aisles. They cheered him on and encouraged him every time he became choked up during his presentation before and after he played “Monday.” An encore viewing of the video was requested by the audience – and was obliged.

“I hurt every day,” M.C. said. “But I have to realize that the reason is that I’m hurting is because she was an exceptional human being and that’s what I try to hold on to.” 

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