The Intruder

“If you ask Michael Ealy, who DeVon Franklin now agrees with, the morale of the story is to listen to your husband,” Meagan Good said during her visit to St. Louis to promote her upcoming film “The Intruder,” which hits theaters nationwide on Friday, May 3.

Ealy is Good’s on-screen husband. Franklin – a famous author, minister and film producer – is her real-life husband. The covenant of marriage plays a crucial role in the thriller that also stars Dennis Quaid and features Joseph Sikora.

“I think as women we don’t like the idea of being led. We like the idea that we are side-by-side with our husbands,” said Good. “I think when it talks about certain things in the Bible, I think we take it as we are being told that we are less than. What I’ve learned is that men and women have our different roles – and both are equally powerful.”

In “The Intruder,” Annie Russell is defiantly compassionate towards Charlie (Dennis Quaid), the man who sold her and husband Scott their dream home.

Scott has serious reservations about Charlie, but Annie is hazardously blind to Scott’s instincts and oblivious to the warning signs that prove her husband may be onto something. Her kindness and warmth to Charlie’s natural charm take priority over what she sees as her husband’s overly sensitive danger instinct.

“When your husband starts to tell you, ‘I’m uncomfortable with this,’ whether I agree or not, at the end of the day, how my husband feels is important,” Good said. “We’re having a different conversation if my husband doesn’t like my best friend of 20 years. I don’t know this man and he doesn’t know this man and he’s telling you, ‘I don’t feel comfortable.’ I need to respect that.”

She proves why over the course of “The Intruder” Annie chooses Charlie’s friendship over her husband’s feelings – even as Charlie  constantly oversteps his boundaries.  Annie sees him as harmless, albeit emotionally attached. She feels that she was built to help him make the transition of letting go of his beloved home a seamless and welcoming exchange.

Her cluelessness fuels the edge-of-your-seat moments in Deon Taylor’s thriller.

“Me and Deon had a lot of conversations about her where I would be like ‘I don’t think that she would do that,’” Good said. “And he said, ‘As I director I’m standing back as an audience member and I’m saying this is the moment where the crowd says, ‘Girl, don’t do it.’”

“The Intruder” was a collaborative effort between Taylor and the cast – who worked together to create those moments.

“My job was how to get there authentically – from a realistic point of view,” Good said. “So, even if you don’t agree with the choices she made, you understand how she got there.”

Working on the film was especially satisfying for all parties involved because the characters were such a deviation from what the actors are typically known for.

“It gave us license to really just have fun with each other,” Good said. “ There were a lot of collaborative conversations between us three and Deon. We were talking and rewriting scenes and really intentional about what we wanted to do and what we wanted this movie to be.”

She feels like they went above and beyond accomplishing the mission of “The Intruder.”

“We wanted to have a movie-going experience that reminds you of what it was like in the ‘80s and ‘90s,” Good said. “Where you just have a good time and you come out feeling activated. You don’t feel like you just watched something, you feel like you were a part of something.”

“The Intruder” opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, May 3. The film is rated PG-13, with a running time of 102 minutes.

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