Muhammad Austin, performing as Mvstermind, draw his energy from his family and the people who surround him.

Artist releases part one of three-series EP

A lot has transpired in Muhammad “Mvstermind” Austin’s life since his 2016 debut EP “Cusp.” Just as he is gaining more attention from record labels, he has collaborated with Dr. Scholl’s to launch his own sneaker: the “MVSTERMIND.” And he was named a Tidal Rising Artist. 

On a steady climb to success, Mvstermind found difficulties in intertwining his musical journey with the responsibilities of marriage and fatherhood. His efforts to balance it all served as the inspiration behind the “BEGREATFOOL,” EP, a three-part, interconnected sequence with more than 20 tracks. “Be,” is the first installment that has been released.

“I was spending so much time being Mvstermind that it wasn’t always the easiest process to be able to freely create when I wanted,” the artist said. “At one point in time in my journey, I went ahead and chose love over everything. I proposed to my now wife at Delmar Hall and that was a testament to me, like ‘yo, put your happiness, and put your love over this music and your journey.’ 

“Shortly afterward we had our son. That was a new challenge for me, growing up as a husband, a father, in a transitional stage of adulthood, all of those different things in the middle of my budding career.”

With “Be,” Mvstermind wants fans to know he is a man true to his stage name, all due to him being someone who is a mastermind of his artistry, and still human like everybody else.

“The only thing that allows us to be superhumans to an extent is how we react to the uncontrollable,” he said. “That's the part that I wanted to breathe into the world. The certain person that they see today that’s juggling his family, everything that he loves, and standing strong in the middle of a pandemic, and pivoting. 

“There was at one point I was at rock bottom, and I made a decision to make rock bottom my sturdiest foundation. I want to let people know, is that it's a real true journey behind all of what you’re seeing.”

As a lover of music, it was important for Mvstermind to be transparent on this project, because he creates his music for himself. The music helps calm his anxiety, express what’s on his mind and figure out what’s in his heart. With everything he was experiencing at the time, with doing music full-time and juggling a family, it was a no-brainer for him to hit the studio and talk about it.

“At times I would be recording, mixing, mastering and engineering everything all at once, and I’d put my son to sleep in his crib, go to the booth, then I was frustrated, I felt rusty,” Mvstermind said. “I started to get down on myself. I was fighting depression. I was like let me pour my true experiences and what's going on cause that's what I need.”

Mvstermind collaborated with 18-year-old electronic prodigy Owen Ragland, on-the-rise producer Michael Franco, Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Neila, and world-renowned Alarm Will Sound Orchestra on “BEGREATFOOL.” He saidthe collaborations allowed his vision to be tangible, providing him with different feelings than those he felt when he sampled music as a producer.

“Working with Owen, in his mind he was able to play everything that was on my mind and we were able to work with one another,” Mvstermind said. “I was able to really curate the exact sound that was in my mind the whole time as far as the colors, and the speed and the texture. It was a real special moment being able to bring that to life.

“Working with Alarm Will Sound, just seeing their recording processes, was another thing for me ‘cause I’m used to recording vocalists and rappers. But watching them record their instrumentalists was really nice, to see their creative process, and honestly, the biggest thing in music in general is the community that comes from creating.”

St. Louis has always showered Mvstermind with love and support. The recognition he receives from the people here motivates him to keep going.

“It's incredibly honorable and it empowers me to make sure that I continue to walk into that step as that hometown hero and make sure that I continue to provide my platforms for my city and my people who steadily fill up my cup.” Mvstermind said.

Mvstermind has performed at Loufest, A3C, SXSW, and shared the stage with Chance the Rapper, Lupe Fiasco, Travis Scot.

Mvstermind’s “Be,” EP can be found and streamed via all music platforms.

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