Mvstermind has three new EPs coming out in early fall. “Be,” “Great” and “Fool” are three parts that also translate into “be grateful.”

Muhammad “Mvstermind” Austin has opened up for Travis Scott, Chance the Rapper, Lupe Fiasco, G-Eazy and more. He has been labeled as a Tidal Rising Artist and one of NPR’s 20 Artists to Watch in the entire world. He attributes his success to hard work, consistency and the love from St. Louis.

“We were able to take that same love that was birthed local and it took us global,” Mvstermind said.

Mvstermind has three new EPs coming out in early fall. “Be,” “Great” and “Fool” are three parts that also translate into “be grateful.” The project originally began as a 23-song LP that wrote itself out of his heart and soul. With advice from management, he decided to break it up for scalability.

“This album birthed a new sturdier version of myself who no longer hides behind my humble, a version of myself who doesn’t let the power turn me into a coward,” Mvstermind said.

The split album acts as a reminder to tap into the power of being great and recognizing the consequences that come from it. Mvstermind said he used to be a quiet and shy fellow, but his success brought him out of his shell.

“When you are great, when you are destined to make something happen, the only thing that is holding you back is just you,” Mvstermind said. “So, step into that, step into that power, step into who you are. Just don’t step on the ones you love.”

This album divided in three reflects growth and acceptance through self-reflection. It will help listeners who are forced to go inside during COVID-19 to look inside themselves and get prepared to “step back out there and claim everything that is theirs,” Mvstermind said. 

Austin was Mvstermind even before he realized that music would be his path. He grew up in all parts of St. Louis. At 6 years old, Mvstermind was on the bus early for St. Louis’ School Desegregation School Program. He got into music at age 12.

“Once we moved to the North Side, that’s when I began to truly find my passion for creating music as a producer,” Mvstermind said. “I’ve been addicted to being able to transform what is in my mind and my expressions into something that other people can enjoy. It puts my mood into a tangible form.”

Mvstermind began producing his own music four years ago when he released his debut solo EP, “Cusp.” Before that he was solely a producer. His first project was streamed over MTV, Fuse and BET alongside one of his inspirational artists, Jay-Z. 

“Seeing people express themselves and heal their own trauma via music as they wrote, it allowed me to muster up the courage and the confidence to begin to tell my story vocally,” Mvstermind said.

Mvstermind’s father was a percussionist and reggae band manager. His mother is a fashion designer. His manager is his sister, and he is the only male sibling out of five children. He and his wife now have a child of their own, which gave him a new level of determination.

“I always felt like I was operating on 110% like there’s no higher level that I could be more dedicated,” Mvstermind said, “and having a family – it's a whole different shift, because now your priorities shift from trying to get a goal for tomorrow to actually legacy building. My love for them and what I see for them and what they bring for me, they are the remedy.”

Mvstermind wants his legacy to be known for platform building to allow people to tap into their potential.

“I’m trying to make sure that when you have a dream, passion and purpose we have a platform to help assist you and help guide you with that,” Mvstermind said.

His artistic reach went global last year when Dr. Scholl’s shoe company collaborated with the artist to sell his shoes globally. He had manifested it on a written list to create a shoe by 2021, and it came true in 2019. The bottom sole says “Finesse” and “Bless.”

“We’re now at the last 50 pairs of the shoes that will ever be created in existence, and I have them in my personal arsenal now,” Mvstermind said.

“We’re going to end up doing a really cool campaign with some limited-edition, signed, exclusive shoes that’s going to be worth $100 million one day! The value of those shoes is already something special.”

Although Mvstermind is a conscious rapper, he is not a huge fan of that label. He believes the title prevents certain artists from collaborating because they are in two separate genre categories.

“I’m just speaking my truth, speaking my experiences, I’m speaking who I am and it’s just from my perspective,” Mvstermind said. “I like to think that I make what I like and I make who I am and I speak my truth and I talk my talk.”

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