Rebeccah Bennett

Rebeccah Bennett is in the business of inspiring, motivating and facilitating transformation and has been for more than 20 years.

As founder and Principal for Emerging Wisdom, LLC, Rebeccah Bennett has been in the trenches actively working towards building a better region through community healing, social justice, personal growth and spiritual growth by way of a host of platforms.

Starting this week, she can include as one of them as her weekly vlog, entitled “Liberated Living” lands on the American’s website each Thursday.

“I have created the vlog as an opportunity to speak to the ways in which our spiritual growth and our liberation work and our healing as a people all intertwine and meet up. That’s really been my calling,” Bennett said. “I am clear that my mission is to support people in tapping into the power within themselves to create extraordinary lives in a more just and vibrant world. That is the reason I exist.”

The vlog will provide a virtual space to support individuals in accessing, engaging and expressing their own power and in a way that compliments the physical space that she has with InPower Institute – a building in South City operated by Emerging Wisdom. InPower Institute gives space to the organization’s spiritual, community and personal growth umbrella through a robust cycle of programming.

“This opportunity gives people access to what we offer online and in a digital space without having to live in St. Louis or without having to cross our threshold,” Bennett said. “So much of the wisdom that I am learning and have to share was dependent upon place – you and I had to be in the same proximity, had to be at the same function. The exciting thing about collaborating with the St. Louis American at this point is that it really provides an opportunity to not be bound by place.”

She started “Liberated Living” as a blog at the start of the year. As people asked themselves “What’s my vision for the year?,” Bennett challenged them to look deeper.

“I wanted to give people a different frame – a frame that didn’t require people to beat up on themselves or shame themselves for struggling in this effort to manifest,” Bennett said. “The most important vision they could get for themselves is who they are. That’s where we need to start the visioning process.”

She feels that one of the reasons individuals often fail at resolutions and their efforts to manifest their vision is because of the self-concept distortion that can happen to African Americans because of systemic racism and oppression.

“We know what it is to be targeted, we know what it is to be endangered,” Bennett said. “And the systems of oppression have in many ways disabled and interfered with our self-concept and how we see ourselves – who we actually think we are. I want to talk about the way our social conditions really impact our ability to live the extraordinary lives we are called to live and create. We cannot talk about the healing or well-being of black people and not talk about the liberation of black people.”

According to Bennett, black people have spent the last 400 years in an environment that does not love us, does not respect us, does not affirm us – but needs us – and therefore we have a distorted sense of self.

“We often have a too small sense of ourselves – that we are not good enough, that we are not worthy enough, that we are not worthy enough, that we are not strong enough,” Bennett said. “All of the abundance and all of the success and greatness that waits for us gets constrained by how we see ourselves and how we are seen.”

Black people must be reminded that we come from a long line of people who have had to create beyond limitation and condition.

“If we can get clear on our innate worth and value and root in that, then we are ready to envision and imagine all of what we hope to achieve and have,” Bennett said. “I have created the vlog as an opportunity to speak to the ways in which our spiritual growth and our liberation work and our healing as a people all intertwine and meet up. This is another space we are heading into and I can’t think of a better door than the St. Louis American.”

It is a door she feels has has the potential to reach hundreds of thousands who share her interest in community healing and liberation and spiritual growth.

“To engage with them in direct ways and share with them the wisdom I am learning through 25 years of work and career – and also to learn with and from them about their own journey and development – is a beautiful thing,” Bennett said.

A new episode of Liberated Living with Rebeccah Bennett will post weekly on

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