Jordan Ryan

Jordan Ryan

John Burroughs grad Jordon Ryan wants to bring love back in his music

The beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic caused Jordon Ryan to experience some major letdowns that impacted his senior year at John Burroughs School— he didn’t have a prom, completed his last three months of school virtually, and didn’t have a graduation. All those obstacles did make Ryan sad at first, but instead of dwelling on the negatives he turned those challenges into positives by teaching himself how to do music and releasing feel-good songs to the public.

“Everyone is experiencing letdowns of their own with the pandemic, and that inspired me to have music in my life,” Ryan said. “I want to be a positive part of people’s lives. I want people to have something to look up to as well. I want to express love through my music to other people. I want them to feel the joy daily that I feel when I do my music.”

Ryan’s inspiration for his first three singles – “Art of an Angel,” “My Everything,” and “Say Something” – don’t come from his own personal experiences as he has never been in a relationship before. He instead drew his inspiration for the singles from TV shows, seeing love stories, and just seeing the overall gaps in love that people feel.

“For my style of music, I would like to be respectful to women, show how to love and show how to care,” Ryan said. “Oftentimes women don’t receive the love they deserve from some men, not all men. Some women don’t get the love that they do deserve. Through my music I wanted to write down the lyrics that would express love to women the way they should be loved, and that’s what inspired my first three singles and especially inspired my ‘Dead Roses’ EP.”

For his “Dead Roses” EP, which he released Nov. 6 on all streaming platforms, Ryan said people can look forward to hearing a lot of positivity, especially on the first track, “Body of A Woman Intro,” where he talks over the beat and states how we should show love to the people in our lives, particularly the women in our lives.

“I’m praying that fans can take something from the EP and apply it to their lives, whether it be with their family or even their friends or their wife, husband, anybody in their life, to show love,” Ryan said. “We all need some love, and I’m praying that everyone can take that from my EP, just hear my beliefs and apply it to their own lives as well.”

At age 18, Ryan may belong to Generation Z, but that doesn’t have an effect on his appreciation for 1990s R&B, which has a huge influence on Ryan’s music.

“Dru Hill is my favorite R&B group of the ‘90s, and I say that because they poured their hearts out into their music,” Ryan said. “I want to bring that back through my music, just having love and creativity through my music. That is exactly what we saw in the ‘90s with R&B.”

In Ryan’s freshman year at Grinnell College, his classes are virtual, giving him more free time than he normally would have if his classes were in-person. With his flexible schedule, he’s able to manage his workload and basketball, which provides him with the ability to create music alongside his friend and producer Terrell Harris on the weekends.

“It’s definitely an organization for me to be able to fit everything I love and all my passions to get them done,” Ryan said.

With English as his desired major, Ryan has dreams to become a sports journalist. However, if the opportunity presented itself where a label contacted him to do music, he would take it into consideration.

“I’m going with the flow,” Ryan said. “If I were to ever get into sports journalism and broadcasting, I would still do music on the side and still try to put that love into the world with my music.”

Look for Jordon Ryan’s singles wherever music is streamed or downloaded.

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