Swag Snap of the Week: Mocha Latte, Carol Daniel and Meagan Good

Mocha Latte, KMOX’s Carol Daniel with film and television star Meagan Good, who was on hand for a special preview screening of her new movie ‘The Intruder,’ which hits theaters May 3.

A Good girls night at the movies. The weekend began on a Wednesday for me with the girl’s night out sneak preview screening for “The Intruder” organized by my girl Mocha Latte at the Esquire. Now y’all know how I feel about working fresh off of deadline, but this evening was so worth it. Did I mention that the film’s star Meagan Good was in the building as well? She had a hat on thanks to St. Louis weather, but she is slaying with her platinum blonde tapered pixie cut. Life! Anyway, Mocha had that thing laid out – and managed to give black businesses some shine in the process. I had a ball for those few minutes. And Meagan was as sweet as she can be. I know folks give her the side eye because she wears form-fitting clothing or whatever. But listen, if I had her body, I can’t promise that my first lady attire would be one bit safe for church. What? Anyway, shout out to all the folks involved for making that movie event…well, a movie in its own right. 

TMI with Marlon Wayans. I don’t have to tell y’all what a fool that Marlon Wayans is at this point. He has cut up on the big and small screen – and now he’s operating in reverse of his famous older brothers by taking to the standup stage after a successful run on film and TV. He headlined UMSL’s Mirthweek Comedy Show at the Touhill Friday night. He’s funny as all get out, but I can’t say that I can get with the graphic scenarios involving his mama, son and daughter that framed much of his material. Damon did the same thing the last time I saw him at the Funnybone. Loni Love, who replaced JessHilarious, was regular – but the host B. Irving, was life. I love getting a cackle from somebody I’ve never seen before . Be checking for him.

Tweet’s soulful turnup. Because I was at Marlon Wayans, I missed the opening entertainment for my girl Angel’s Night of Soul Searching Friday at the Ready Room. Please send my apologies to Bird and Terry – because I know they tore it up. By the time I arrived, Tweet had just got crackin’ – and was in the middle of becoming familiar with just how funky Angel’s potpourri of a house band is. I was so caught up in the breakdown, that I quickly got over the fact that Tweet’s fashion muse must be Blanche Devereaux from “The Golden Girls.” I’m talking wind suit material pantsuit and kitten heels realness! But she’s so gorgeous – and sounds so good that it works. And for the life of me I don’t understand how she and Charlie Wilson can to a whole show with gum in their mouth – and not miss and beat, note or groove. I got my life, though I must say that I was expecting a larger crowd for the Southern Hummingbird herself. It didn’t matter, because the turnup was the size of Madison Square Garden in that Ready Room!

Trap.Soul.Paint’s ten for ten. If I’ve learned anything these last couple of weeks, it’s that the turn up will be too legit to quit for anybody with the nerve to wear Pepto Bismol pink biker shorts. I thought it was just the Jeezy fangirl. But the wonderful woman who had the same attire – sans the fanny pack – had the same energy for Trap.Soul.Paint Sunday night at The House of Soul. She was too lit as she dropped it like it was hot after making her Neighborhood Nip portrait do what it do. I must say that while not surprised, I am amazed that the Café Soul crew have managed to have ten sold out Trap.Soul.Paint parties in a row. That’s pretty epic. This paint party is something you have to experience yourself to get a full grasp of the energy, please believe me. Now your path to your canvas and paint station might be impeded by an impromptu twerk session, but you just have to go with the flow. The next one will be happening the Sunday before Memorial Day. And I’m willing to bet they will be 11 for 11.

A PJ and Peter triumph. It was a great week to be a soul music lover in St. Louis – so much so that the fun spilled over into this week. Monday night, folks piled into the Old Rock House to catch PJ Morton’s “Keys and A Mic” Tour. As usual, PJ never disappoints. But can we please take a minute to talk about his show opener Peter Collins? I was perched upstairs with the church singer crowd – who seemed intent on talking and catching up through his set so that they could give PJ their undivided attention. That was until Peter gave them his first vocal run. By the time he got to covering Ms. Lauryn Hill and Alicia Keys it was game over. I thought “American Idol” finalist Curtis Finch Jr. was going to head down the steps and head straight to the stage just to deliver a “Sing, sir!” PJ Morton never misses, and Monday was no exception. I’m still trying to find the woman who hopped on stage for the “Love You More” duet. Girl, who are you and where have you been hiding?

Emily was King. The glorious soul music that made its way to the Lou closed out on Tuesday with my girl Emily King. I saw her either last year or the year before at The Ready Room for an incredible acoustic set. But she brought the spirit of Prince – and lowkey the King of Pop too – with her to Delmar Hall. Listen… every move was orchestrated, and every sound was pitch perfect. I’m hoping that finally – after all these years – the mainstream will start to pay attention to what Emily has to offer. I hate that she didn’t perform “U & I,” but that is my only note. And her opening act Jennah Bell has the voice of an angel. Shout out to Emily, PJ and Tweet for being secure enough in their own talent to give us some stellar opening folks! 

An absent J. Anthony Brown. I was kind of sad that J. Anthony Brown wasn’t at the Laugh Lounge this weekend. Apparently, I was the only one who didn’t get the memo that Kenny Howell would be headlining their two year anniversary weekend instead. . That doesn’t mean I didn’t get a cackle or two…or ten – mostly courtesy of Lady Re – when I stopped through Saturday night. When she talked about swapping her sugar daddy’s Viagra with Aleve, I near ‘bout died. And I must say that some people may think she sounds arrogant when she talks about how she is on her way to stardom – I’m gonna go ahead and co-sign. I’ve been watching her consistently over the past year-and-a-half and she’s been bringing the heat consistently – no matter what type of crowd she’s dealing with.

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