Madison and Melissa

Madison and Melissa checking out the Endless Summer II Tour starring G-Eazy, Ty Dolla $ign and Lil Uzi Vert Sunday night @ Hollywood Casino

I knew that I was going to get my life when G-Eazy sang “No Limit” but everything else was pretty much up in the air when I stopped by the Endless Summer II Tour Sunday night at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre. I still had a bad taste in my mouth from when Post Malone used the n-word during his set at the gentrified Super Jam and heard that G- Eazy has taken the same unforgiveable liberty before. I was prepared to make the most dramatic of exits if I heard Gerald get too comfortable. I’m so glad I didn’t have to. Just as bad though was YBN Nahmir’s little 17-year-old self, talking about drugs, guns and murder. Lil’ boy, do you even have your driver’s permit yet? I can tell by the way somebody’s sweatshirt fits whether a person and their crew are cold-blooded assassins. And that whole group looked like a black Ben Seaver (yes from “Growing Pains”) rapping about the levels they reached on Grand Theft Auto V. Other than that, the Endless Summer II Tour was quite enjoyable. Every time I see Ty Dolla $ign, he steps his game up – and he was true to form Sunday night. Folks have certain kind of feelings about Lil Uzi Vert that I feel like we should have outgrown by 2018. Let me just put it plainly, I’m fine with a lowkey gender fluid mumble gangsta rapper. Him and his tight belly shirt quietly gave me life. If I’m being honest, it was on the verge of really good – and I know I looked like the elderly auntie getting crunk when “Bad and Boujee” played, but that’s gonna forever be my jam. He’s come a long way from when he used to walk across the stage with a mean shoulder shimmy and not much else. G-Eazy was the absolute truth on that stage – looking like John Mayer and Ryan Gosling had a secret love child. He could have kept that bleached blonde hair, but he still put on a show like a veteran. No vocal tracks, no stage full of silly hype men looking utterly useless. He cranked out song after song without a pause – and gave me a new respect for him. He talked about getting his weight up as a live performer in St. Louis, and his first major show opening for Big K.R.I.T. at The Gramophone. While I’m thrilled that G-Eazy can go from the Gramophone to Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in just a few short years, I’m quietly sad that K.R.I.T. has only graduated to The Ready Room since then. I’ll charge it to privilege … if you get my drift. But I still can’t take anything away from G-Eazy based on Sunday night. His colleagues could take note. He was playing no games on that stage. Now can somebody please get him to make it official that he will no longer use the n-word in any form or fashion, so I can go ahead and officially become a fan.

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