Swag Snap of the Week: Cee Lo Green

Quita and Vanessa of VP Designs were quick enough on their feet to catch Goodie Mob member and Grammy Award-winning singer/rapper Cee Lo Green as he made his way across the floor at Chaifetz Arena just before Erykah Badu hit the stage.

An abundance of life from Lizzo. So, for those of you with even one pinkie toe dipped into these streets understand October 2019 will go down as a month of many concerts – actually, one of the most concerts in one month that I can remember. What I’m going to do is run them down from this past week in order of “most to least life given.” The title gave it away, but I’m sure y’all figured that Lizzo would have me feeling “good as hell,” about what she brought to the stage at The Pageant Tuesday night. The crowd was probably the most diverse since Mariah Carey came to town – but more white people than black folks were in the building. Probably because by the time some of us got on board for the Lizzo wave after the BET Awards, the show was long sold out. Everyone with the golden tickets saw what all the fuss was about – and left up out of that Pageant a bigger “Lizzbian (her name for her fans, not mine)” than when they went in. Baby, I love me some Lizzo, seeing her show out on that stage in that gold Vanity 6-inspired one-piece had me ready to rock a tasteful midriff gown at next year’s Salute. Okay, maybe not. But I will say that if you are sick of hearing about Lizzo, prepare yourself for intensive care – better yet hospice – because she will rightfully only get bigger from here. And I love that she brought out all walks of life – and lifestyles (and gentleman with the full wedding dress, veil and bouquet … I’m talking about you) together. And while singing, rapping and twerking the stage down, she issued an overflowing message of self-love. Does it get any better than that? No, of course not. Lizzo proved that she’s “got the juice” without a single solitary doubt with that show – from start to finish. I wish a hater would say otherwise – so I can use one of my favorite Lizzo lyrics from “Juice” to get them all the way to. And Ari Lennox deserves a shout out for getting the attention of a most unbothered crowd who at first made it clear that they were there for Lizzo and Lizzo only. But Ari’s grown woman lyrics got their attention for sure.

Badu’s amusing mystery mix. After seeing Erykah Badu more times than I can count, I learned a long time ago that you have a better chance of waving your hand across a box of Cracker Jacks and predicting the prize than you would with accurately deciding what type of show you will get out of her. Don’t get me wrong, you will more than likely be entertained. But even with the most eclectic artists, you know you are going to hear a certain crop of songs and can have a general understanding or expectation of what they will do when they hit the stage. Badu is the exception to the rule. The only thing you can know for sure is she is going to show up when she feels like it – and stay on that stage until they cut the lights on and the mics off. Such was the case Saturday night at Chaifetz Arena. The show opened with comedian J.J. Williamson serving as host, which I totally didn’t expect. He was hilarious, though – especially when he told the folks during the break between Goodie Mob and Badu that they would probably have time to run home and check on their kids. It was funny because it was true. And when he tumbled across that stage, he really took one for the team. I feel like Erykah would have taken even longer if he hadn’t. She knew he needed to recover and came on out. Goodie Mob was first on deck and it was a cute little offering. Cee Lo Green was the highlight for me, though the rest of them were cute on stage. I forgot that Big Gip was the O.G. “Boy You So Different” hip-hop movement that is prevalent among the millennial rappers until he came out in that plush velvet outfit that looked like it belonged on a medieval court jester. Badu’s was serving up “Will sing for food near the Salisbury and 70 highway exit” realness with that coat, t-shirt and sweats that she dolled up with tassels tied to the legs. And as a dear friend pointed out, was paying homage to Alfre Woodard with her wig game. Badu didn’t sing “Bag Lady,” “Other Side Of The Game” “Danger” “I Want You” “Penitentiary Philosophy” or hardly any of my favorites. Yet, somehow, I still got my life. Especially when she toyed around with the tempo on “Tyrone” at the end to speed things up before the Chaifetz folks could put her off the stage. It didn’t work.

Tyler The Creator’s strange delight. Speaking of wigs and “boy, you so different,” I was thoroughly impressed with Tyler The Creator’s crazy tail at Chaifetz the night before. Friday was my first time checking him out. I was on the fence about it, but I’m glad that I chose to trust my gut and check him out. I had to envision myself photoshopping that extra small dollar store version of a Mary J. Blige “My Life” wig off of his head, and that Romey Rome from “Martin” suit with footwear that screamed “look at the white shoes” were a mess, but the show worked. I must say in all my years of beating the streets in the name of nightlife, I’ve never been to a concert – hip-hop or otherwise – with so many of my Asian brothers and sisters. It was a joy to seem them get their life from Tyler’s great performance and sip of shenanigans … which included roasting the audience – and punishing whoever that poor thing was that decided to fling her bra on stage at him. I’ve seen a lot of things, but I have never seen somebody sniff an undergarment that came his way, frown and toss it right back.

INDIGOAT was INDIREGULAR. I’m sorry, but I’ve gotten so used to seeing Chris Brown tear it up, that when he gives a performance that is beneath what I’m expecting, I am more underwhelmed than I should be. That show Thursday night at Enterprise would have been fine if anybody outside of Beyoncé – and now Lizzo – and about a dozen others. But because it was Breezy, he might as well have come out like that one insurance commercial where the boy band is frozen. His dancing was fine, but he was going too hard with the vocal assist game. Joyner Lucas and Ty Dolla $ign were the highlights of the show for me. I don’t know what they were going through but Breezy and Tory Lanez – who are both typically sure things when it comes to the stage – just didn’t do it for me.

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