Orlando Watson and Jeezy

Rap star Jeezy had the Pageant at capacity Saturday night for his sold-out show presented by Orlando Watson’s RockHouse Ent.

An adopted St. Louis rap son. So, by now y’all know that Jeezy came to town and became the latest sold-out show for RockHouse Ent. I found it funny how folks were lowkey hating saying they don’t know how Jeezy could sell-out the Pageant when he hasn’t had a record out in a minute – implying that he’s no longer relevant. Lies. First off, when St. Louis feels like an artist has a special spot in his or her heart for the city, they are going to return the favor. Jeezy is a prime example. Listen, if Jeezy, Yo Gotti, Juvenile and 8Ball & MJG got on a bill together, I’d be compelled to say that they would sell out Enterprise Center, so to see him have the Pageant at capacity is no surprise to me. Y’all don’t understand. Jeezy has a St. Louis fan base that would make the most ride-or-die members of the Beyhive be like, “Girl, they ride too hard for him…they need to get a life.” The woman in the balcony with the pink biker shorts, neon shirt and fanny pack is a prime example. She was spinning around in that seat “like a tornado, girl.” I’m sure she worked her seat neighbors to the point where they were at least hoping she fell over – and possibly considering giving her a nudge. What? You know those seats don’t have the space provisions for somebody to be flopping around without running the risk of slapping your drink out of your hand. But back to the show. Because I was double-booked, I got there in time to catch Buddy Luv give a heartfelt tribute to Nipsey Hussle – which was especially felt by the handful of folks with full body R.I.P. Nip outfits on. Yes, royal blue airbrush and all. Jeezy took his time coming out – which I was actually grateful for considering my logistics. He did a cute set that the folks seemed pleased with. But can somebody tell Orland or Vanessa – or whoever has next to bring him to town – to let Jeezy know not to come on a St. Louis stage and not do “Superfreak” ever again in life. And by ever again in life, I mean when he comes back next year.

A good day to be a black business.  I know y’all come to this part of the paper to hear about folks tearin’ the club up, but I need share how my heart leapt with joy Saturday afternoon when I stopped through the Urban Business Entrepreneurs for their Small Business Expo at The House of Soul. First off, it’s a black business expo inside a black business owned by another black business. These facts alone should have y’all moved to a shout. Then, I get up in there and see black folks supporting the black business in the black business. That will preach. I don’t want to leave anybody out, so I will just say that it was a nice mix of businesses that ranged from beauty, hair care, fashion, food and beyond. House of Soul’s Nichol Stevenson was on deck making everyone feel at home and the folks mixed, mingled and made connections all afternoon long.

Grown folks Easter fun. I was tardy for the Jeezy party because I just had to get over and see what Morgan Casey’s Adult Easter Egg Hunt was all about. Good thing it was right down the street at Forest Park. A story about the event made it to the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Folks were lined up by the field ready to get about the business of getting those golden eggs! It’s in need of a few little logistical tweaks – but has the making to be an absolutely fun time that should bring the whole city out. The folks were looking like they were playing ring-around-the-rosey with flashlights, but I can understand why they would want it contained in a small open area considering it happens after dark.  I wish the weather would have let it be great, but this is St. Louis. The temperature dropped like it heard “Cash Money takin’ over the 99 and the 2000s,” but it was still plenty of fun – and the prizes were about that life. I caught a cackle at the folks with flashlights tied to their body from head to toe, but when I saw folks winning $250 and 50-inch TVs, I decided that I was going to write Charlie Wilson’s tailor and have him or her make me a custom light-up blazer so that I can see all of the eggs. I’ll definitely be there next year – but trust I will put a snowsuit in the trunk to make sure I don’t catch the flu-monia.

Day party season is in bloom. My Saturday was packed to the gills – just like the first of the spring/summer 2019 day party set presented by Koncepts, Ono and #WeJustLivin on Easter Eve at the all-new Brennan’s Work and Leisure over on Locust (near the late great EXO). The party’s official name was Belvedere Floral Bloom – and it brought out all of the beautiful folks, who apparently gave their more seductive Easter outfit option a dry run. The tastemakers and influencers were deep up in there. And not just the set’s presenters. I ran into my girl Diamond – one of the most talented makeup artists in town – and a whole bunch of folks who have the sauce to skip to the front of VIP lines. I was so busy turning up on Saturday, my signature Easter macaroni and cheese (which would give Sweetie Pie’s a run for its money) could not be great, because I was yawning my way through the motions of mixing my ingredients. But I feel like it was a small price to pay.

Jokin’ with J. Anthony Brown. For those of you who don’t know, this week marks the second year straight that The Laugh Lounge has been bringing some of the biggest names in black comedy to town. And they are celebrating with the bang of comedy legend J. Anthony Brown. You best believe I will be in the building Friday or Saturday night when he does his thing. I know y’all are used to his uncle/granddaddy/funny church deacon persona from the Tom Joyner Show. But let me tell you that Brown gets blue. For the young folks, blue is essentially Def Comedy Jam-level cuss words and graphic content. I know, you don’t see him doing it, but he does – and when I saw him last, he was hilarious. Be sure to stop through the Laugh Lounge as Jessie Taylor and ‘nem toast to two years – by doing so you’ll help ensure they can keep the comedy coming.

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