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Funny Sundays

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Posted: Thursday, September 27, 2012 12:00 am

I hadn’t been in a while, so I decided to stop through and check out my boy Jessie Taylor’s Sunday night comedy show that goes down each week at the Lights on Broadway. Once I got past the security lady (who seemed quietly bothered by the fact that I was on the “no frisk” list…help?) I had the best laugh I’ve had in more than a minute – and I didn’t even stay for the actual comedy headliner! My life came from that NUT Jessie and his sidekick. His name sounded like Junior, Julius…or Juicy, but I can’t say for certain. They offered real talk play-by-play experiences and straight no-chaser commentary/interaction with the contestants of the talent show segment that had me weak. I promise you, I have not laughed so hard this whole year – and that’s including all the times I’ve traipsed up that hill to the Chaifetz for one of the “Ordinary People of Black Comedy” tours that have breezed through.

“Umm, yeah…so…I liked the way you kept going when you got booed. It was like it was motivation. I’mma give you ten seconds, can you sing something that people won’t boo?” Really Jessie?

Y’all already know what happened. As soon as he took a deep breath to hold his note, the sandman might as well have done “The Dougie” across that stage!

“We already know how this is gonna turn out, but I guess we can go ahead and go through with it.” Who says this to the loser, right before you pick the winner – even if the alleged lyricist completely lost the crowd with a tragic freestyle rap that included a Snickers bar and a puffy coat.

It was soulful, but I caught life, and having this woman blow Kool filter Kings on the side of my face half the night was a small price to pay!

Just when I thought I couldn’t laugh any harder, some poor woman made the tragic mistake of thinking she was going to heckle Jessie and he rode her and that toddler hoodie so bad she tossed her shoe on stage. Her decision was the worst idea possible when you are wearing some Payless BOGO athletic footwear. He went in on the Champions so tough that she tossed her other one up there – only to have Jessie hold the show hostage and tossed them off to be “shoe surfed” around the audience.

Now if you’re too snooty, stay home. But if you want to have a laugh to carry you through the week, stop by and see Jessie at The Starlight Room. He’s been serving every Sunday for years –packing the house clean out almost every time– and deserves all the love our city has to offer.

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