Doug E. Fresh and Wendell Covington

Mathews-Dickey Boys and Girls Club CEO Wendell Covington gave Doug E. Fresh props for a job well done following the rap legend’s set as part of the Soul Funk Fest portion of the 3rd Annual Martin L. Mathews Awards Program & Benefit Concert Saturday Fox Theatre. The concert, headlined by Cameo, also featured Love Jones The Band and comedian Darius Bradford.

Saturday night, I stopped by the Soul Funk Fest presented by Mathews-Dickey at The Fox Theatre. Let me start with the wonderful news that Mathews-Dickey is still doing phenomenal things as a pillar of hope for young people of color through its services that build scholar athletes who become well-rounded humans contributing to the fabric of the region and beyond. I also want to shout out the honorees who were praised at the event. Mathews-Dickey CEO Wendell Covington has so much swag sauce I can barely handle it. And though it wasn’t a part of the actual show, let me start with that barely teen Morgan Taylor’s performance of The National Anthem. Girl, you have the range! Okay, on with the concert.  I was so happy to Love Jones The Band, who has been killing it at BB’s for a minute, get a chance to play the same stage as international superstars. I dug their set too – though I would have loved to hear more from Chris (no shade to Kent or Stacy). Comedian Darius Bradford’s joke about refusing to take two highways to get to one woman was one of his many bits that sat well with the audience. And did Doug E. Fresh turn the party all the way out or what? Folks were on their feet from the time he graced the stage until he said his lengthy goodbye. And let me give a special shout out to Maurice “Snoopy” Falls and Leata Trent Price-Land for always having my back when I need it. They’ll know why I’m giving them props. Okay, now on to the grand finale provided by soul/funk veterans Cameo, who headlined the Soul Funk Fest as part of Mathews-Dickey’s 3rd Annual Family Reunion festivities. When I thought about headliner Cameo’s performance, it reminded me of the “Say Something Nice Challenge” featured on Crunk & Disorderly, one of my favorite blogs that has since gone to the URL up in the sky. Let’s try this: Everyone in the crowd was a great sport about hearing their favorite jams in fair condition, and it was a great time for everyone who came out for the worthy cause of supporting Mathews-Dickey. Oh, and legendary drummer Sugarfoot was life more abundantly. Now, my soul will not be well if I don’t recommend that Larry Blackmon (the lead singer) let that catsuit and hot red jock cup go. Keep the box with the pointed bang if you must, but the rest of your get up needs to go to that costume closet in the upper room.

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