Marcus and Jiro made the crowd laugh Saturday @ MOOD

I went a lot of places expecting to see an influx of naughty costumes and spooky fun. The girls kept the never-ending theme of half-nekkidness (yes, nekkid) in full effect, but things weren’t universally crackin’ as they typically are. The Halloween edition of Niddy’s Hush Party was all the way live, but it was the tightest squeeze up in the Envy. And Mood wasn’t busting at the seams, but the folks up in there were kicking it as if their souls depended on it. Who was the woman dressed as the tabletop that was twerking so tough that the drinks and candle she had glued around her neck popped off? And the woman who went as Rihanna in one of her infamously seductive Crop Over (google it) costumes, added a bit of belly dance as she dropped it low. The Marquee was packed for the Liquid Assets annual costume contest, but $5K will bring out the masses every single time. I’m so glad that the most-covered person up in there won the prize – perhaps it will inspire the girls to not risk pneumonia in the name of being somebody’s naughty nurse or kitty. But I couldn’t help but gasp when the winner, who came as The Purge, almost took a tumble heading up to collect the top prize. The last thing I wanted for him was to have to use some of that money on a hospital visit. He was ineligible to win, but I want to give a shout out to Phil Assets for his Colin Kaepernick costume. If he had shaped the ‘fro a bit more, it might have been my favorite of the year. 

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