Swag Snap of the Week: Cedric The Entertainer

Film, television and comedy star Cedric The Entertainer was welcomed

by the Prime 55 team of Orlando Watson, Tony “T-Luv” Davis and Chef

Tyler for a private party that included several influencers and tastemakers

in the city and abroad.

Ms. Ross is an on-time boss. I learned the hard way several years back that Diana Ross does not play when it comes to punctuality. Ms. Diana is one of the few folks that, if she had a flyer that said “show starts promptly at…” at the bottom, I would actually believe her. The tickets said 8 p.m. and by 8:01 the band had already done their intro and she was singing “I’m Coming Out” as she made her way to the stage. And she was mindful of the time from start to finish. She was on stage all of 70 minutes (max) and squeezed in five wardrobe changes and 20 songs. And the crazy thing is that it didn’t feel rushed at all. She took performance efficiency to a new level at The Fox Thursday night. And had the nerve to look and sound great as she powered through. She was giving glamour in all shades and styles with her evening wear – and serving body goals to women half her age. I promise, if it weren’t for the orthopedic shoes that peeked out from the bottom of her gowns every once in a while, I would have sworn that I was transported back to 1982 to catch classic Diana “The Boss” Ross doing her thing. She was truly in mint condition – looks, voice, energy,– all of it. And I got a cackle in when she gathered security by telling them not to bully her audience. I’m still laughing at the random gentleman who took it upon himself to read Mr. Gary “Them Yo’ People.” He had lived his best life doing what he loves most by dancing around in a yellow suit and matching crown. As he was headed towards the exit, this gentleman of a certain age walked up to him and asked, “Is that butter or Parkay?” He dragged that “Paaarrrkaaay” out as long as his mouth let him. As usual Gary was a great sport and shrugged off the shade. I had a ball with The Boss – and because she operated her show with such precision, I was home in time to catch the tail end of “Law & Order: SVU.”

STL reps for Real to Reel. I was so happy that Gentleman Jack brought their multi-city film short competition back to STL for another year. For 2019, The Science Center played host. I got a kick out of the atmosphere, even though my neck is still a little sore because I sat so close to the front of the OMNIMAX Theater that I had to lean back and look up as I watched the eight shorts. All types of tastemakers were on deck, so the vibe of folks, mixed with the unconventional surroundings for a kicking-it opportunity, made for a super cute night. I also ran into my boo Mario, who moved from St. Louis to D.C. several years back and came through slaying with a rose gold top. Shout out to the all of the filmmakers who competed for the local prize, to previous winner David Kirkman for hosting this year’s event and to Jon Alexander for being crowned this year’s local winner. He had two films in the competition. I don’t believe it was stated which of his films earned the prize, but my favorite was “Enough.” I also want to give props to event manager Eddie Holman on how he gracefully handled his response to a woman who shouted out that there wasn’t enough representation of black women within the shorts. I truly hope she can come back in 2020 and say, “Last year I pointed out something I had a problem with and took Eddie’s advice to create and submit … and here I am with my own film!”

Blac Youngsta was not in the building. Folks were really feeling a type of way after the fact when rapper Blac Youngsta never made it to the Ambassador’s Club Klymaxx Saturday night. The gag is that based on the size of the crowd, folks cared more about him not coming than him actually coming. The folks who were there went from twerking and turning up to looking at their watch and saying, “This dude (Partyline edit) needs to get on stage and quit playing.” At 1:23 a.m. (the club closes at 1:30) – just after somebody said, “Who ready to see Blac Youngsta?” – a voice came over the speaker and said, “I got bad news.” The folks filed out knowing what that bad news was before it was announced. The dude went on to say, “This wasn’t because of the venue, this wasn’t because of Streetz 105.1 (the online radio station sponsor), this was because of the promoter. The promoter did not give him his money.” I’m almost certain nobody blamed the Ambassador or the station, but several folks still asked for their money back. Blac Youngsta was in town, he just didn’t get the coin required for him to come on stage – I’m assuming because the crowd was smaller than expected. Folks made a big deal of it on social media, but it wasn’t the first or the last celeb no show. In fact, I believe this is the longest stretch I’ve had without one.

Grown folks’ poetry.  My first stop Saturday night was to Noir: An Erotic Art Experience at The Fellowship. By the time I got there, they were into the spoken word portion of the evening – and never in my life have I felt like a kid caught up in a grown folks’ conversation as I did at that doggone poetry set. Diverse and Mocha had me clutching my collar all night. I am by no means a prude, but part of me was like “Don’t they know this used to be a church?” I was thrilled with Jenni Lovette’s set. Girl, how have I known you all these years and not known that you can sing? You were phenomenal! You gave a whole sultry vibe. Actually, the entire night did. And then I scooted over to Floral Fresh to continue the vibe with Marty and company at Blank Space. It was all quite cute.

Crazy.Sexy.Curves. Speaking of cute, I spent my Sunday evening over at the Contemporary Art Museum for the 3rd Annual Crazy.Sexy.Curves live fashion look book. It was presented by Honey’s Child Boutique and proved that sexiness and style come in ALL shapes and sizes. Everything about the production was fantastic, from the venue to the models, my girl Jade Harrell and the host Maui Bigelow – who was more chatty than should be allowed for a fashion show, but was life nonetheless. Can somebody please get that red and black stripped dress with the gold belt mailed c/o yours truly to the administrative office? And I also got life from their audience participation runway competition. Vanessa and Tendai were serving pony walks for the gods! And who was that woman of a certain age in black that had the nerve to drop it like it was hot? I knew the way she was posing in-sync with the models in her seat that she was extra – and I loved it!

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