Swag Snap of the Week: Dru Hill with DJ Shay Money

Hot 104.1 FM’s DJ Shay Money kept the party poppin’ in between acts during the Troop, Silk and Dru Hill concert Thursday night at The Pageant. Headliners Dru Hill were more than happy to pause for a pose following their set.

Baby makin’ music. I knew I was in the right spot when I came through the Pageant to check out the Troop, Silk and Dru Hill show Thursday night when a woman in Jodeci boots shouted out, “I got pregnant offa ‘Freak Me!’” This woman and her man – who I found out was the one who went half on the baby and they’ve been together for almost 30 years – gave me more life than Troop’s whole set. What? It was low key regular and y’all know it. That didn’t stop the woman who got pregnant to the soundtrack of Silk and her boo from doing the entire “Spread My Wings” choreography. Listen, I could tell those two had not been out since right after she got pregnant. They were dressed in regular clothes and getting down like they were at a Northwest High School Class of ’91 homecoming dance. It was everything. Okay, now I can get on with the actual show. I already said Troop was regular. What? I probably would have been more into if half of the group didn’t have on random non-coordinated clothes with dad jeans. Okay, enough roasting. The lead singer is finally coming out with a solo project, and the single he performed actually had some heat to it. Silk was up next, and you already know the baby mama lost it so bad that security had to get involved. I will say that she was compliant when they told her she couldn’t body roll down the stairway or hop on top of the table tops to scream. Silk earned it though. As usual they put on a show. The one who does the high notes was grinding so hard I thought his skinny jeans would pop loose. And you already know Lil G went there with the one-handed push up stage hunches. Dru Hill gave a cute little set too. Nokio the master of disguise was singing and hoppin’ around looking like the Taliban with his headwrap and glasses, but I got over that quickly. They added some new members to the group that do too much, but Sisqo was consistent. He claimed that he never does his solo material and was only doing so because Jazz was absent. I would have called him a liar and stormed out if he didn’t put on such a great high-impact show. Him, Stokely from Mint Condition and Kirk Franklin would make a great super group. Kirk would have to go to the back for the Thong Song performance, but I feel like it would be interesting combination.

Black Lawyers and beautiful people. I got my whole entire life from the Legal Solution Group holiday party – to the point where I don’t think I can truly articulate it. You already know that the lawyers will have the sauce, so it’s going to be stylish. But they didn’t just have the black legal community in the house – they pulled out all the social scene glitterati who came through – and forever raised the bar for holiday cocktail attire up in that Ritz Carlton Friday night. All the folks going to other parties in the hotel felt too underdressed to even ride the elevator with the guests of Tonia, Jermaine, Raphael and the rest of the folks who were a part of making the party happen. Had I known then what I know now, I would have recycled one of my Salute Gala gowns so that I could be up to fashion code. I’m making up for it next year by doing so, just so y’all know. I don’t want to get to name dropping – mainly because there were three shifts of very important people who came through over the course of the night. Just know that it was black affluent swag overload up in that ballroom. The folks came out in fur coats and red bottom realness. My favorite of the night was Mona (mother of Maurice). I also liked Brandy Clay’s gown. Essentially everybody there was a fashion win, so I won’t bother to continue with the name dropping.

Merry Kribmas to Smino. Every time I see Smino in St. Louis I get excited. And our city’s next big thing in hip-hop should be happy as all get out that his 3rd Annual Kribmas Show sold out The Pageant. That’s his third sold-out show in a row. His first one had me a sweaty mess up in the Old Rock House. And I thought I was gonna have to be baby Jesus and watch the show via satellite from a manger outside when he took the show to Delmar Hall. I guess The Fox is next. He performed like he already belonged on that stage Friday night. I don’t know what that set was going through, though. That red couch looked like the one I had in my basement sitting room. But when it got crackin’ I forgot all about the flimsy thing because Smino was on fire. And his band was the absolute truth!

A very special Ciroc party. After vibing to Smino, I scooted over to Mandarin for the ultra-posh set that introduced the latest flavor of Ciroc to the city. As per usual, all the beautiful influencers found their way up in the spot for Ciroc VS (very special). It was so packed that I had to maneuver through the crowd with my arms up in the air,  so nobody caught an accidental elbow. Arty J was killing it on the tables. And I’m now 100 percent convinced that there is some sort of subliminal messages hidden in “The Wobble” song, because there was barely room to pivot and folks were making a way to do the whole doggone routine.

Big love for Big Hen. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but a familiar face on the nightlife scene needs our support. Big Hen, one of the best security doormen in the game was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer over the summer – which is why you might not have seen him working the Olive Bar. He will be holding a fundraiser to pay for his travels to get alternative treatment in Mexico at The Marquee on December 21. The party starts at 8 p.m. And any nightlife regular should be in the building to support, considering how he worked to keep order and do his part in helping us have a good kicking it experience.

Sauce dripping up and through the Marquee. Speaking of sauce, Onnie Bella, LaRonn, Ono and whoever else was involved with that Sauce Events’ All of the Lights set Saturday night at The Marquee deserves a standing ovation. The last time I saw the Marquee that packed, The Migos and Chance The Rapper were both in the building. I kept asking Dre, “and you sure you don’t have a rapper with a name that starts with Young or Lil coming through tonight?”

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