Swag Snap of the Week: Elicia and Kevin Lanier

Elicia and Kevin Lanier were the winners of the best couples Halloween

costume of 2018. Kevin was dressed as painter Bob Ross and Elicia as one

of the many pieces the late artist created over the years of his PBS show

at Korey Johnson and Arika Parr’s Costumes and Cocktails party held

Saturday at the Jewel Center.

Thursday night I got my weekend started with the folks at DELUX for their Power 100 Reunion Kickback and Game Night Thursday at Brennan’s. As per usual, Keith Griffin and the DELUX people brought out the tastemakers and influencers out – and that’s including the team responsible for the DELUX brand. It was the cutest of times as folks played board games, UNO and threw bones. I don’t remember seeing anybody playing spades. I feel like if they had been, I would not have been able to resist the urge to jump in and shut the whole party down with my ability to catch books – and sometimes with a hand as iffy as one and a possible. I wanted to make sure I gave a birthday shout out to Vanessa Townsend, who was in the place getting her life. Okay, now back to DELUX. By the time you read this,  they’ll be naming the next crop of Power 100 recipients. I can’t wait to see who made the cut.

A Trunk or Treat triumph. While at the DELUX kickback, I ran into event producers LaRonn and Onnie. They told me to stop through the Marquee parking lot on Monday night for a city-wide trunk or treat. I thought to myself, “Aww, it will be a cute little intimate trick-or-treat experience for the kids.” I had no idea that they would bring the whole entire city for a Halloween experience that I hope to see come back year after year. It was really a sight to see and a family good time as the community came together thanks to them and gave kids an unforgettable family Halloween memory.

A super cute Costumes and Cocktails. I knew when I had to park on the other side of the strip mall adjacent to the Jewel Center that Korey Johnson and Arika Parr had another monster success with their annual Costumes and Cocktails Halloween Party. It was here that Kevin and Elicia Lanier snatched my soul with their tag team presentation of PBS painter Bob Ross. Korey and Arika were adorable in their his-and-hers genie ensembles – and the party was filled with so many of my favorite folks that I would need a whole additional Partyline to name everybody. The party let me know that the curse had been lifted on STL’s Halloween turnup – which had been a bust for the past couple of years. And when the folks at the party jumped into a fully choreographed “reenblactment” of “Thriller” and “Remember The Time,” – which was so well-orchestrated that it must have been rehearsed – my soul smiled from the inside out.

Slam dunk for SLAM Underground. After a solid two years – okay, maybe one year – of concerted effort, I finally made it to the Saint Louis Art Museum for their monthly SLAM Underground set. On the last Friday of the month, the museum is open late and they party with programming, a DJ and a concert to cater to the going-out crowd. I’m glad this was the month I made it, because it fell in line with the freshness of “Kehinde Wiley: Saint Louis.” I got a chance to chop it up with several of the subjects of the 11-painting exhibition that featured residents of North City and North County in paintings inspired by pieces in SLAM’s permanent collection. A woman named Ashley told me that she was getting a pizza from the Little Caesar’s on the North Side. I can’t imagine going to get a Hot-N-Ready five meat large stuffed crust pie and ending up larger than life on a portrait that is part of one of the most buzzed about new exhibitions in the visual arts world. And filmmaker Cami Thomas was in the house showcasing her docu-series “Smoke City,” which gives insight on the different neighborhoods and communities that make up the region from the residents who live there.

True to Trap.Soul.Paint form. Café Soul’s tradition of the Trap.Soul.Paint turnup was taken to the tenth power as folks got into the Halloween spirit Sunday afternoon and evening. The House of Soul was packed to the gills with paint easels and folks – many in costume – who came to kick it hard as part of the unique experience that combines dabbling in artistic expression and dropping it like it’s hot at the same doggone time. This time they added a few slides – including that never ending “Fantasy” slide. I can’t tell y’all how many folks I tripped over trying to make my rounds in the space. And what is about that “Nina Pop” throwback from The Whole 9 that is an instant turnup trigger for women of a certain age and gives them their whole entire life. There was a silver fox that got so into the she ought to have an upper body comparable to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson the way she was putting her back and shoulders into her Nina Pop.

Ervin party. When I pulled up for Sir Ervin Williams III’s annual Halloween house party and saw the parking lot next to his building, I was like “When did they move a dealership in this spot?” They didn’t. The cars jam-packed in that lot was filled with guests that came through for Ervin’s glorious African-themed bash. The party has been happening for five years, but this was the first year I had stopped by. It will not be the last. Now that stairway to Heaven that leads folks up to Ervin’s spacious loft was more than a notion. I took one step at a time like I was in somebody’s rehabilitation program. Although I’m happy to report that there were no tumbles or related tragedies related to that spiral staircase, but the thought of somebody trying to descend after having one too many spirit-filled beverages is more than a notion. Okay, now back to the party. A lot full of cars that can fit up in Ervin’s spot should not only let you know how spacious his place is. It was enough from for the type of turnup that fell right in line with my restored faith as far as the St. Louis Halloween kicking it activities.

Hey Luv on hit for Halloween. Hey Luv had Sophie’s inside the .Zack building temporarily transformed into a chic urban nightspot. The millennials and last of the Generation X were mingling as they vibed to the atmosphere and the sounds of DJ JMo. It was here that I ran into my girl Tyra, who gave me my favorite individual costume with her interpretation of Beyoncé’s Coachella outfit. She’s tied with DJ Shay Money’s custom bag of money costume that I saw while doing one of my IG lurk sessions.

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