Swag Snap of the Week: Hope Flood and Jessie Taylor

Comedy veteran Hope Flood, who was a regular on BET’s “Comic View” with The Laugh Lounge’s Jessie Taylor just before she took the stage for the final performance of her weekend engagement.

RIP Rod Pratt. I hate to get Partyline started on a somber note, but I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t offer my condolences to the family, friends, creative community and all those connected to Rod Pratt. An entertainment industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience in cities like Miami, and currently Los Angeles, Pratt decided to return home in 2015 to help train up the next group of creatives – particularly in film and television. He will be missed and the talented he poured into are busy proving themselves so they can carry the torch. 

Hangin’ with the MastHERs. Let me tell y’all that Keisha Mabry and her team had all the young black women entrepreneurs on lock for International Women’s Day Friday at The Westin for her MastHERclass workshop. For it to be the first one, it shows the makings of a full-fledged movement as local experts gave insight on everything from branding, networking, product design, public speaking and blogging. Now I typically reserve events like this for the business page and whatnot, but the energy was so ______________(insert new slang for “off the chain”) that I feel like the influencers who helped make the first MastHERclass a full-on Friday phenomenon deserve some shine in more places than one. There were 250 women who are either already business owners or aspiring business owners in the same space for a whole day. Do y’all even know the type of power that is to be harnessed into something purely magical? Now since I already said that there were hundreds of lady bosses in the building, you should know I won’t bother naming names, or I will need another day – and a whole other page –  to do it. Shout out to Keisha for the vision and all the other ladies who helped make it happen – from assistance to support by attendance. Oh, and did I mention that the happy hour after set at Start Bar STL was lit too?

Kickin’ it with the Ques. I thought I was going to have to park at the Job Corps and walk down when I made my way to the Omega Center to kick it with the “Que Dawgs” Saturday night. Yes, it was that packed. It was so packed that they had an outdoor VIP area and had to extend the tables almost all the way to the front door. There was all kind of stompin’ going on and gold boots everywhere. It was a “School Daze: 20 Year Reunion” good time. DJ Nune had a band/turntable hybrid situation that was giving life to the folks on the dancefloor and all the fraternity and sorority folks came through. And the Omegas even brought out the Iotas – who I only see every blue moon. I saw all types of Omega paraphernalia. There was even a bruh in a bucket purple and gold hat with frayed ends that looked like Que bangs. 

Energy in the wind. After the Omega party, I scooted on to Energy. I thought I was headed to Kansas in the middle of somebody’s twister when I made my way down Goodfellow, trust me … I was more scared than a little bit as that wind whipped my SUV from side-to-side like it was a GEO Storm in these streets. Now, I did end up getting caught up in a tornado. It just wasn’t the kind I had expected – that doesn’t mean it wasn’t any less scary. As y’all already know by now, Energy stays at capacity. Saturday night at Blue was no different. And because it was elbow-to-elbow in there, I ended up twisted up in a twerkin’ tornado because of the DJ’s decision to play “Back That Thang Up” as I was making my way in the door. I ended up back by the patio by the time Lil Wayne’s verse was finished. I feel like there should be some sort of unwritten rule that makes Juvie’s drop it like it’s hot classic ineligible on the DJ playlist if he or she notices that there is no room to even make the tiniest of pivots. After last night, I’m lowkey convinced that twerking on somebody can be assault with a deadly weapon. As per usual, it was all the way live for Energy. I swear, the storm warnings didn’t deter a single soul! Shout out to Teddy BFree for keeping it crackin’ and to Blue for being a good host spot.

Hope Flood’s funny was a bit below sea level. I had high expectations when I heard that OG comedy diva Hope Flood would be in the building for the weekend at The Laugh Lounge. But the best thing about the weekend was the debut of the Daiquiri Bar in the front of the club Saturday night. There were some funny parts to what she said, I just was expecting more. In all fairness to her, she said she was under the influence. I honestly think that Jessie Taylor should try bringing his “b-game.” I feel like I wouldn’t have expected to laugh more if I hadn’t hollered a Jessie the whole time I was waiting for Hope to do her thing. What I experienced Sunday night was like somebody offering you a gourmet meal only to follow up your filet mignon with flamin’ hot Cheetos. Hope’s bits about being a woman of a certain age gave me a chuckle or two – though I was mainly laughing because I could relate. But Jessie had me screaming when he started talking about those “tax bae” pimps. When he said “these brothas’ be out here doing some freaky stuff when they know you got that tax check … like listening” you could have laid me out to be eulogized and had the folks pour out a little daiquiri in my memory. I got there just as Brother Dre was wrapping up his set. Now I love Brother Dre to death – trust me I do. But a couple of his jokes have aged out of the funny system. The bit about folks taking the battery out of their smoke detector and putting it in their pager (he said beeper) is of no use to the smart phone generation. When one girl leaned over to the other and asked “Girl, what’s a beeper?” And the young lady who responded thought he was referring to a sex toy. That settles it.

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