T-Marley and Yo Gotti

Hot 104.1 FM’s T-Marley with Memphis rap star Yo Gotti before he hit the stage Sunday December 2 for a concert presented by Branded Mogul and RockHouse Ent. A rap veteran with 20 plus years under his bel in the industry, Gotti has a strong St. Louis following and calls our city his second home.

Yes for Yo Gotti. I made my way to the Branded Mogul and RockHouse Ent. presentation of Yo Gotti Sunday night and like most St. Louisans, I have a special place in my heart for him, but even if I were being partial, I would say the concert was a win. I know a few of y’all felt like the show should have started earlier, but I was happy with 10 p.m. because I was able to make an event and two concerts and not miss a beat. Hot 104.1 FM held down the stage in the meantime and the folks didn’t even seem bothered. By the time they got a little antsy, Gotti was hitting the stage. As per usual, I was not the least bit mad at his show. He did most of my jams. I was satisfied, but can somebody please explain the need for your cousins to stand on the chairs and the tables? Even when it’s packed, there is not a bad seat in the house at The Pageant. Even if you were trying get a clear shot of Gotti for your social media, you could have done it without almost breaking your neck – and obstructing everybody’s view. I know it was packed, but it was still possible. Y’all worked security and the Pageant employees’ nerves with that – well, except for the one that was the most unlikely Gotti fan I’ve ever seen. He was about 55 and looked like he wore khaki shorts and Sperry shoes when he wasn’t in their red shirt uniform. But when the beat dropped and Gotti hit the stage, that elderly man of the general population persuasion got his whole life for the entire set. When he started rapping all the words to “It Goes Down in the DM,” while looking like Steve Martin’s younger brother, it almost took me to glory.

Founders Day fun with the Alphas. Saturday night, me and just about everybody else in this city kicked it with the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha for their Founder’s Day turnup. AKAs, Ques and Deltas were deep in there as well. It felt like a college homecoming after-set and the strolls were in abundance. Listen, did y’all know that the Deltas here have a special strut to Juvenile’s “Back That Thang Up,” that is absolutely everything? If I start to name all the folks I know who were in the building, I’m sure that I will leave somebody off. Just know that it was the who’s who of the Lou.

A roll bounce birthday. Saturday night I made my way to Skate King to poke my head in for a special party for Kisha and Dee Dee. I felt like I had been transported back to 1987. I couldn’t skate then either, so I didn’t lace up. I would probably need a hip replacement if I took one of those hard hits when trying to be cute and skate with a bit of style when I knew I couldn’t even skate backwards. That old Woolworth’s got plenty of my coins in the name of my recovery – mainly IcyHot. But back to 2018. That skate party was life! I forgot how much fun it was even to watch the folks who actually can make it around the rink without holding their arms out like Frankenstein when they skate. They were getting it with all sorts of different skate styles. There was this one gentleman who had me ready to be the only adult in a kids’ beginners lesson or two, so I can learn to move like he does before my arthritis kicks all the way in. Kisha never gets it wrong with her fashion choices – and Saturday night was no exception with her army green Adidas get up. I ran into a couple of folks I envy on the fashion tip, including makeup artist Scotti, who stays slaying!

Doubling back to big-up a brunch. I know it was last week, but I didn’t have room for it and I feel like the #IssaBrunch set Sunday at Shisha deserves a nod. I tell you I absolutely have never seen folks so lit while gathering in the name of midday breakfast food. What did y’all put in the mimosas – Hennessy? Anyway, it was gloriously crunk and all wouldn’t have been well with my soul if I didn’t show them love.

Midnight Breakfast with Santa and sorors. Since I’m already speaking on sororities and morning meals, I might as well hip y’all to the Monday night turnup that took place inside the Harris-Stowe State University Cafeteria thanks to the lovely ladies of the Omicron Theta Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. Their 2nd Annual Midnight Breakfast is designed to give students studying for finals a couple of hours to break the monotony of the books. It is the turnup of all turnups as the folks eat, fellowship, frat/sorority stroll and drop it like its hot. And just when I was shaking my head at them twerking like their grade depended it on it to 2 Chainz, they turned around and had a praise party to Kirk Franklin. It was the cutest of events that also included selfies with Santa – and because the ladies of OTO show up ready to work their events, I didn’t feel like the auntie chaperone in the café full of college students. Oh, and let me mention that the OTO gave away two book stipend scholarships to cap off the night. And shout to the ladies of their most recent line, who were in the building celebrating their first AKAversary.

Stone Soul. Listen, I know he’s not most of y’all’s cup of tea, but I have to tell you about the life that was given by blue-eyed soul singer Allen Stone Tuesday night at Delmar Hall. He might not look like he fits the St. Louis American reader demographic, but baby when he got to playing and singing, you could not tell me that folks wouldn’t have been into it the same way that we invite Adele and Justin Timberlake to our proverbial cookout. He dresses like a skateboarding beach bum, but he might as well have on a shiny 70s leisure suit when he opens his mouth. I knew he could throw down from when I saw him at The Ready Room, but he brought that heat at Delmar Hall. It’s to the point where I’m giving him Bobby Caldwell and Michael McDonald props up in here by the way he threw down on that stage. And it was so packed up in there that I didn’t have room enough to put my hand on my hip and wave the other one forward while shouting “You betta saing.” I tried it once and accidentally elbowed one neighbor and popped the other in the back of the head. He’ll definitely have to come to the Pageant when he makes his way back to town.

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