Swag Snap of the Week: Bruce Bruce

Comedy veteran Bruce Bruce spent time with fans following the CU Comedy Tour’s St. Louis stop Friday at Chaifetz Arena. Kelly Denise was one of the many fans who he met with and greeted in the lobby. The Radio One St. Louis squad was in the building for the sneak preview screening of ‘Little’ Tuesday night @ AMC Creve Coeur 12

STL remembers Neighborhood Nip. Before I kick right into my weekly round of disgracefulness, let me start things off with a shout out to Radio One St. Louis and their crew for the candlelight vigil moment of remembrance for fallen hip-hop change agent Nipsey Hussle Friday night outside the Old Courthouse. St. Louis had all kinds of love for Nipsey, which was clear when he came through for a club appearance around this time last year at The Marquee. The folks knew all the words to every song the DJ played of his. Not only did Nip appreciate the love, but he was a humble and down-to-earth dude as the folks clamored for his attention. He split his time between making music and building community – but based on the reaction of the crowd and the recent coverage of how he poured back into the neighborhoods where he grew up, he was on the cusp of changing the game. My heart hurts regarding the whole situation and my hope is that people will honor him by following the blueprint he started in giving back.

Crackin’ up at Chaifetz. I had been waiting all week to get my laugh on with DeRay Davis, Bruce Bruce and the crew Friday night at the Chaifetz Arena. Things got off to an interesting start – and closed at a weird place – but I hollered up in that place. There were pieces of that show that were so funny that I forgave the woman with the newly installed tracks for dusting that sew-in all across my knee caps because she insisted on laughing head first to show off her comedy show hair. Shout out to Willie C. for winning the opening act contest the evening before. When they said opening act – they meant before opening. The show started at 8 and Willie hit the stage at 7:54. If he turns up missing, it’s either his grandmother, who he roasted for filth about the Yorkie realness her wig game serves, or Tim from Sweetie Pie’s. Tim got the business from Willie C. for his body type. In his arena debut, Willie C learned the hard way what happens when they give you the light twice. He was mid-joke when that mic went on mute and the music got to blaring. After a bit by host Red Grant, it was social media sensation-turned-comedy newcomer B. Simone’s turn. I tell you, the girls have gone beyond inches on the weave and are now measuring its length by the height of children. She was wearing a nine-year-old boy (i.e. four and a-half feet). She has some growing to do in the comedy game – particularly shortening the length of her bits – but I can see potential. Bruce Bruce got some new jokes and they were downright hilarious. I won’t spoil them for you in case he recycles. And while I cackled at how he tried to explain what Donald Trump’s hair is going through, Michael Blackson knew better than to stay on that stage all night like he was the only feature. I found it hee-larious how DeRay Davis used Blackson’s own joke against him by saying the [expletive] is still here. And he clowned his outfit – which I did feel like it made him look like a freshly opened foil pack shish kabob. DeRay was feeling a type of way about that – then the folks set him off with their cell phone video recording shenanigans. That poor man in the unfortunate shirt learned the hard way what happens if you decide not to listen when DeRay says stop recording. Kevin Hart has the folks tossed out during his shows. DeRay will make his whole routine about you and your fashion shortcomings. When he asked that man what his shirt wanted to be when it grew up, I was thinking that I would rather be flung out of the show on the front end so that I can at least leave with a sip of dignity.

B. Simone’s Shisha b-day turnup. B. Simone had me lowkey inspired to live my best life when she inserted an inspirational speech after the most filthy joke I’ve seen in a minute. So, you can imagine the joy I felt when she was all down-to-earth when she came through Shisha to celebrate her b-day right after the show. She was so cool and friendly. I feel like her hair might have made its way into a few glasses as she turned up in that VIP booth, but nobody seemed bothered. Red Grant was in the house too. I knew that it was going to be life at this party when folks had to come in and out of Shisha in shifts – and that was a whole 90 minutes before B. Simone showed up. All the booths were on ten when it came to the turn up. One booth was full of people from out of town. You know how “about that club life” you have to be to not only do your research to find out the city’s hotspot for the night – and then buy a whole booth and bottles and whatnot.

J. Holiday and a few fans. The good news is that for the first time since he came out, J. Holiday acted like he had some sense when he came to St. Louis and gave a cute little show with no drama whatsoever. The bad news is that nobody but me, DJ Kut and a few other folks were there to see – so it will be up for debate. He came through Klymaxx Sunday night to serve up his hits at what was probably his most intimate show to-date. I hate to be bringing up old stuff, but I thought he wouldn’t be back after the incident at the late great Rustic Goat when J. Holiday started talking sideways to the crowd and a gentleman tried to rush the stage to square off. But this show was as calm and cute as could be. I like his little hits. And when he acts right, he gives a cute show. Perhaps he was in a good mood because his song “Bed” is featured in that new “Little” movie as the soundtrack to Luke James’ character’s striptease moment. Listen, that’s the best part of the movie for me – and I say that with no tea or shade. Anybody who sees a greasy gyrating Luke James and doesn’t give a standing ovation is full of all the lies.

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