Swag Snap of the Week: Amanda Seales

Actress, comedienne, podcast host and black culture subject matter expert Amanda Seales brought her Smart, Black and Funny tour to Delmar Hall Thursday and tapped poet Corey Black to drop a verse or two on behalf of STL during the sold-out first show.

Can I tell y’all how excited I was to check out Amanda Seales’ Smart, Funny and Black event Thursday night at the Delmar Hall? The first show was sold out – and word on the curb is that it was a glorious time. I walked into the late show and saw some of my favorite woke, socially conscious and influencer folks – like Montague Simmons, Charli Cooksey, Keisha Mabry and Tracie McKeown, to name a few. After running into them, you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t going to have the time of my life. Well, I didn’t. And I’m going to spend the rest of my life regretting my decision to attend the second show. What? I’m not saying anything Amanda wouldn’t say – or didn’t say – over the course of the night. She was fabulous, but trust that she was frustrated beyond belief, thanks to one of the contestants of the show. Okay. It wasn’t a standup, it was in game-show form where people use black culture as the springboard for their funny. The caveat is there is a basic minimum required level of intelligence and humor necessary to make the show work – and to say that one of the contestants didn’t have it would be an absolute understatement. I want to know if he was a last-minute replacement or what ... and how she picked him. I mean, he was black …but smart and funny … not so much … okay, not at all. Amanda even checked him on his repeated references of being a dropout as part of his “comedy” stick. It went downhill from there. Part of me hopes to my soul that he was cutting up so badly out of oppositional defiance. It was a whole entire mess and the woke folks were not amused, and by woke folks, I mean Amanda Seales too. She did not hold back one bit on him. And called Nakesha from the East Side for tagging in to try and salvage things for him – as did fellow contestant, and winner by default Brandon. If “Smart Black and Funny” comes to town again, I’ll come back. But I’ll need to know who she enlists on the front end.

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