Bernie Hayes

Political leaders who trade in falsification and distortions seem to ignore the fact that lying to the people they serve or deceiving others is wrong. So I wonder why U.S. Senators Roy Blunt and Joshua Hawley (R-Missouri) are so vigorously defending President Donald J. Trump despite the overwhelming evidence against him in the current impeachment trial.

Blunt is up for re-election in 2022 and Hawley in 2024, and I am almost certain that both have a list of black churches and other African-American organizations to visit during their re-election campaigns, and some of us will fall for the lies and false promises they will make.

St. Louis has a unique track record. Most politicians in this area have a grasp of the community, and realize they will not be punished for any wrong doing or lack of doing. It is ironic that local citizens are still complaining about the lack of health care yet allowing both city hospitals and the county hospital to close and then reelect the persons who closed them or those who reneged on their promise to reopen them. Do you remember? Do you remember Homer G. Phillips Hospital?

You must remember that U.S. Senator “Kit Bond (R- Missouri) who, along with his Republican colleague John Ashcroft, interfered with the Senate hearing for Justice Ronnie White. And do not forget his performance on that year’s Election Day. He is the one who alleged massive voter fraud in our community and called for an investigation of voting practices in the St. Louis area.

Why do Blunt and Hawley so strongly and energetically support Trump? Nowhere is this hypocrisy more apparent than in the current Senate hearings, where these so-called lawmakers seem pathetic because they and many of these Republican senators were elected to establish and uphold the very regulations they are now abusing.

In politics, hypocrisy and lying are instruments used for personal gain, and I believe that these politicians often conceal their true views. They will visit our churches, schools, places of business, social and civic organizations and attempt to sell us another version of the Missouri Compromise, where Missouri will again become a slave state.  

During these Senate impeachment hearings, our political system is showing serious signs of trauma and our individual liberty weakened. Yet these Missouri senators will not support a fair hearing, while enabling a president who is exploiting the democratic process to undermine civil liberties and keeping us in darkness.

Missouri is not only a red state, but a state that harasses St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner and is targeting St. Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell, so when they visit you with big bright smiles and pockets full of promises, please make them remember the parts they played in the Impeachment of Donald J. Trump.

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I'm voting for Trump again.

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