Dorothy Dempsey

Jenna Ryan, a Texas real estate broker, took a private plane to Washington to participate with the mobsters and hoodlums who broke into the United States Capitol on Jan. 6.

This date will be immortalized in history for all the people who were complicit in the death and destruction that occurred in the break-in of the US. Capitol. Ryan said she was displaying her patriotism and listening to her president.

Ryan posted on Twitter, "One of the best days of my life."

How do we begin to reconcile or even try to understand intelligent, educated white people who become an uncivilized unhinged mob, going on a rampage for the salvation of white privilege, in their twisted minds, trying to make the world a better place without people of color?

Whiteness has crippled our nation. All that white privilege is, and how white people benefit from it every day, is a sin against all we stand for as a nation and as Christians.

Many of the protesters that participated in the Capitol break-in have already been released out of jail on bail. No person of color would have been allowed this kind of privilege. Many people of color are languishing in jail for  lesser crimes and unable to post bail.

The people who participated in the uprising, and people like Sen. Josh Hawley, R- Missouri, and Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, are not backing down. There is no real remorse shown in their actions, only power and greed.

We must acknowledge what must be changed, If white people continue to claim that they do not know what white privilege is then how can there ever be change?

If Robert Carlson, the retired archbishop of the Archdiocese of St. Louis, asked all the priests to speak out on racism before he left the diocese of St. Louis and some refused to do it, then how can there ever be change?

If we do not reach across the table, White people and Black people don’t unite and confront the challenges of racism, then how can there be change?

All the complicity of the big corporations, the police, government, churches, the priests and evangelists all play a part in the division of our country.

According to The Pledge of Allegiance, we are "one nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Indivisible means "incapable of being divided."  It seems we have not been a diverse society or nation. We must do all we can to become a living example of the one so many of us proclaim to follow and to bring about change to an ungodly world.

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