Rochelle Walton Gray

My greatest accomplishment as St. Louis County councilperson in the 4th District has been developing many opportunities to bring resources to North County.

Foremost, I sponsored legislation that 35% of tourism tax must be dedicated to North County for economic development. I sponsored the Community Reinvestment Act and minority inclusion legislation. I secured federal grants and port monies, to address crime, community services, infrastructure and economic development, and I also distributed funds to small businesses in the area. Another major accomplishment: I requested that a percentage of the revenue from the Riverboat Casino be redistributed and directed towards North County.

I had the courage to run against a 32-year regime when I originally ran for this office because I genuinely wanted to see change. It took all of those 32 years for the area to decline. It’s going to take more than a few years to see major changes. However, I believe that there are workable solutions and have been have been meeting monthly with the Economic Development Partnership in efforts to revitalize North County. I would like to see the restoration of Jamestown Mall, and we now have a few paths with which to move forward. There’s a plan that was just recently presented, and I welcome the opportunity to see this project through to fruition. 

Since my inception in the civil service, I have worked towards criminal justice reform and I have stood against those who attempt to disenfranchise others. My voting record exemplifies my stance in support of unions as well as our most vulnerable populations: our youth and our seniors. My husband was in the military, and my passion for our veterans was demonstrated while I served on the Veterans Commission.

​My candidacy represents the chance to remain in the realm of public service. I possess a great amount of passion, enthusiasm, energy, and the time that is required for full commitment to this important office and I am excited about continuing to serve my constituents as my position has allowed me to give back to the community in many ways. We have implemented clean-up efforts and hosted over 30 town hall meetings and workshops. I host an annual community fair where I distribute, smoke detectors, school supplies and more.   

Like many of you, I am a lifetime resident of St. Louis and my heart is in this community. A former legislator and legal administrator, I have over 35 years of proven leadership and integrity in both my professional and public careers. I have a degree in Public Policy Administration, and I am the only candidate with legislative experience. I also understand the procedures of policy and law making. It is because of this knowledge that I was immediately appointed budget chair and chair of the Justice Committee. It has also allowed me to increase the number of minorities on boards and commissions. 

Rochelle Walton Gray represents the 4th District on the St. Louis County Council.

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