Nafeesah Lester

As an educator for 17 years with Saint Louis Public Schools, my role has consisted of being engaged and interactive with many children. This role has helped me understand and realize my purpose in life. I have been chosen by God to also educate women in who they are by building up their self-esteem and diminishing their self-failures.

I am a strong advocate of sisterhood. Sisterhood is important among women as a means to embrace each other, build one another up, and come together in unity. This unity is the catalyst for the power to ignite goals and aspirations. I choose to be the flame to spark the power of sisterhood through fashion. When you look good, it makes you feel good. Putting effort into self-enhancement also helps one build self-esteem and self-confidence.

I encourage women that – no matter their age, physical size, ethnic race or any other perceived imperfection that God has allowed – we are still fearfully and wonderfully made. Every woman must understand how amazing she is within her own element and comfort zone. I have taken on a personal mission to instill this in women from all walks of life. I choose to do this through prayer, showing the love of God, fashion, and jewelry.

Consequently, my business, I Am Jewelry & Accessories, LLC, was birthed in August 2016. Its humble beginnings originated from the encouragement of a new acquaintance that I should sell jewelry. Not thinking much would come of it, I placed five pieces of jewelry for sale on an online site. It sold in less than five minutes.

My business now embodies all my endeavors to motivate women to look good, feel good, do good, dress for the moment and to have fun with fashion. I emphasize to every woman that fashion is fun. Through one’s own unique fashion style, complemented by great accessories, a woman can speak volumes to those she encounters.

I Am Jewelry & Accessories exhibits my own love for fun fashions with an exotic flare. The selection varies from conservative to trendy with something for every woman at a spectrum of price points. Rhinestones, sterling silver, and pearls are among my wonderful jewelry selection.

I also offer statement pieces. Statement necklaces help to create personality, telling the world who you are – whether it’s more casual, classy, edgy, bold or dramatic. An I Am statement necklace communicates more about the individual’s style that is being defined by you. I say to my clientele find your individual style, but don’t be afraid to try something different.

Nafeesah Lester is the owner of I Am Jewelry & Accessories, LLC. Contact her at

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