It's true I’m leaving the city.

I’ve heard rumors about where I’m going but none of those are true. Truth is many of you won’t know where I’m going because it won’t matter to you. The moment I stepped down the phone calls and text stopped.

I love my city, but I can’t heal from trauma and survive in the epicenter any longer. I’m not running away from it I’m choosing to change my environment to be the best version of me. I’m making a selfish decision and it feels great. If I don’t make this move, St. Louis is going to kill me.

To all of the politicians and political insiders who keep playing this game with the people’s lives in order to maintain their position of perceived power.

To the media that will refuse to report the truth or find value in attacking effective black representation while hired and pushed by the ineffective black representation.

To those leaders who look like me but perpetuate the same systemic oppression we fight against every.

To the white progressives who call themselves allies but don't see the value of black spaces, black representation or lived experience from black struggle.

I will be fine. Don't ask about my kids I will continue to be a great father. Don't try to guilt me into staying, very wrong thing to do. This is the time when I really see what the support looks like. I just hope somebody carries on what I did inside and outside of the office.

Not a goodbye but a see you later.

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