Dorothy Dempsey

When I look at the immigrant child – a beautiful, young, seven-year-old girl – my heart breaks. They showed her picture over and over again on the news, and I looked at that little girl and thought of my biracial granddaughter of the same age.

A child dead at the age of seven because of the color of her skin. You may spin the story any way you want, but it is a fact. No different than the blacks running away during slavery and using whatever means necessary to be free.

Many immigrants are no different. They are running away from a horrible existence that is so unbearable  that they are willing to risk all for a better life. During the time of slavery, blacks endured tremendous hardships fighting for their freedom. Immigrant are fighting for their lives.

When you look  at the men in uniforms on the news media  emptying and kicking over water bottles that good people have left for the immigrants, you have to wonder who these people are.

All of these Christian evangelicals and Trump’s base must surely be praying to a different God then most Christian people know, because surely the God that most people know is not approving of the evangelicals right now.

How can you say how sorry you are for a dead child and in the same breath remind the father how he had been warned not to come here? The sheer dishonesty of not only the president but the people who surround him is mind-boggling. The ugliness and degradation of the current administration is so horrible  you wonder if it can ever be fixed. It is a funny how evil can evade and corrupt and eventually destroy.

Immigrant slave migration, that is what is going on now, The immigrants can do hard labor, wash, cook and clean for you but they cannot live in the same county with you? Until we the people  acknowledge  the racism problem in  America we will continue down this path. How do you fix what you do not wish to acknowledge?

The privileged  people of America can go to bed every night and every day wake up to food on their tables and a roof over their heads. The immigrants and people of color do not have the same luxury.

We need to wake up and realize that this world belongs to all of us and we only rent space in it for a short period of time. When Judgment Day comes, some of us may  wonder what all the fuss was about, because as a good pastor once said, “Heaven is not segregated, but it can be very discriminating."

Trump dynasty, beware.

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