Precious Barry

I am from St. Louis, 15 years old and a sophomore attending Riverview Gardens High School. Learning about our African culture is my passion for my future. Triumphs and tragedies that are going around in my environment play a big part in me. 

I want people to know that being a young individual does not mean our voices should not be heard. Stories about police brutality, crimes, daily news, presidency, and voting are extremely important. 

I ask myself: What can I do, being so young, to help my acculturation? I say speaking out, having a voice that should be heard and inspired by would make a difference. The most predominant fact about being on this earth is having a gift and finding your purpose. 

The things that were an eye opener for me under quarantine were not giving up on learning and knowing that, during difficult times, things are going to knock you down, but you have to find the strength someway or somehow to get back up. 

In the future, one of my goals is getting schools deeper into African American Studies worldwide. We know it is not easy to get these types of topics in schools, but the best we can do is boost up the percentage of what is being taught. I see myself in an HBCU one day studying African American Studies with a doctorate and becoming a civil rights activist. 

I plan on this major because it is especially important for me to become more knowledgeable. I am also working on right now getting Zoom meetings for youth and talking about what is going on in our society and what can we do to help prevent any type of violence. 

We are the change, we are the future, we are the empowerment the world needs. 

Printed with permission of the author’s mother.


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