Lt. Col. Troy Doyle

This open letter was submitted by the undersigned 31 residents of St. Louis County. 

With the recently announced retirement of our current St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar in April, we turn to our Board of Police Commissioners and its Chairman William Ray Price Jr. to help us set the intention for how St. Louis County will be led in matters of law enforcement. It is our recommendation, as members of the St. Louis County community, that the best, most qualified candidate for the position is Lt. Col. Troy Doyle.

Lt. Col Doyle is the most qualified and experienced candidate for the position. He has shown, in over 28 years in law enforcement, the ability to lead officers from all over St. Louis County. He has been a commanding officer in the North County and South County precincts with real success establishing and building respect and rapport. not only within the ranks of his officers but also within the greater community.

He is the founder of the St. Louis County PAL (Police Athletic League), which builds character, helps strengthen police-community relations, and deters children from becoming involved in criminal activity. He is also the current president of the St. Louis Chapter of NOBLE (the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives), which has a goal to ensure equity in the administration of justice in the provision of public service to all communities. 

These are the kind of qualities needed to continue to build public trust in the police throughout the county.

Lt. Col. Doyle is well prepared to lead on day one as he has already been in integral leadership roles during the majority of his time with the department. In 2011, he served as interim police chief and commander of the City of Jennings Detail, where he was an agent of change and successfully implemented policies and practices to move the organization in a new direction. Those policies resulted in a 30 percent reduction in crime. He has been commander of the North County Precinct and commander of the Criminal Investigation Division.

Currently, in his role of commanding officer of Operational Support, he is responsible for the overall operation and management of the Communications, Central Police Records, Computer Services, County Municipal Police Academy, Emergency Communications Network, and Personnel Services work groups. This means he has effectively had success within the department in positions in the field and in administration. The variety and elevation of responsibilities in his career have unequivocally prepared him for the next step of leading the entire department.

Outside of his success in Jennings, he was also appointed to serve as interim director of St. Louis County Justice Services and was able to stabilize and turn that division toward success while in that role. 

He has, over his career, been looked to as a problem solver, someone who can provide leadership in areas and times of need. Lt. Col. Doyle has said that “learning and listening are among my first priorities.”

It is this thought process that makes him most effective in building culture. That kind of thinking grows from his many years of training and personal and professional development, including earning a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Lindenwood University and being a graduate of the 245th session of the FBI National Academy. 

Lt. Col. Doyle is the person we need leading our police department this year and beyond. He is a family man, a respected officer and leader in the community. There are no other options as qualified as him, and we implore you to make the correct choice for our region and appoint Lt. Col. Doyle as chief of police.


Jennings Councilman Terry Wilson, Jennings Mayor Yolanda Austin, Jennings Councilman Gary Johnson, Jennings Councilman Alan Stitchnote, Hazelwood School Board Director Mark Behlmann, Dellwood Mayor Reggie Jones, Bellefontaine Mayor Tommie Pierson Sr., Bellefontaine Alderwoman Alease Dailes, Beverly Hills Mayor Brian Jackson, Rodney Patrick, Linda Schmerber, Earnestine Brown, Steve Pakorny, Jennings School Board President Rev. Harold Austin, LaChrista Wilson. Caira Ann Parker, Hazel Erby, Cool Valley Mayor Viola Murphy , Moline Acres Mayor Michelle Deshay, Demetrious Johnson, Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis President Michael McMillan, Northwoods Alderman Errol Bush, Cornell Young, Pat Washington, Alice Wilson, Shonte Young, Ted Gatlin, Ferguson Alderwoman Ella Jones, A Red Circle CEO Erica Williams, Pinelawn Mayor Terry Epps, Sharon Pace. 

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