Dorothy Dempsey

North St. Louis is a living testament of a city in decay. There have been five people shot in the 4000 block of Shreve and Kossuth in one night with four now dead. There was another death in the 4800 block of Kossuth and another man shot in the leg on Shreve and Anderson – all within less than one month.

Churches in the Penrose neighborhood are on shutdown after hours because of the robberies and break-ins.

Where are the police? Police security should be on high alert in an area like this. We don't even know what a police car looks like cruising through the Penrose area of North St. Louis.

People are asking: where in the world do all the guns come from? Does the Penrose area have a gun stockade? It is like a war zone in the Penrose area, with gunshots every single day and night.

The police seem to be lying low just like the drug dealers, afraid that they may be the next victims in line. It is understandable. Police are humans. They have loved ones and a life, and we empathize with them. But it is like the roaring days of gangsters and mobsters, and there seems to be no end in sight.

A policeman's duty is to serve and protect; this is what they signed on to do. If the job is too dangerous for them, then they need to move on and just stop receiving a paycheck every payday from the citizens’ hard-earned tax money.

When you call to ask for the 6th District police captain, he is never available and they never know when he will be back. Many have tried to speak with him, especially after a neighborhood meeting where he spoke of his availability to the people.

It has not always been like this. A previous police captain a few years back in the 6th District was very accessible, and it meant a lot to the people.

The total lawlessness of St. Louis and the Penrose area is heartbreaking. It’s not only the police, but also others in high office who do not follow the rules of responsibility, truth and honor. The people of the City of St. Louis are suffering from the gross neglect of people who just do not care.

Where do we go from here? Where we go from here is to come together with qualified black folks around the table working together with qualified others to put St. Louis back together again. When the city has been fixed, then maybe we can talk about togetherness.

Putting St. Louis back together again expediently as possible should be top of the priority list. The police department should be a top priority. Time is a very precious commodity, and St. Louis does not have a lot of time. We are dying death by death.

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