Lyia Gainey

How is COVID-19 affecting me?

COVID-19 is affecting me in more of a mental way than physical. I say this because the thought of not being able to see my friends, favorite teachers and lots of family members is horrible. Even though I can Facetime most of them, I feel as if I’m literally trapped in a house with nothing to do after I finish my school work.

Watching T.V. and sleeping all day is very mentally draining. You can’t even go outside unless you really have to, and when you do go outside you have to be really cautious of your surroundings. Because once you get caught with COVID-19, whoever you live with is in danger of getting sick and getting others sick.

COVID-19 is also making lots of people paranoid because a lot of people have died over this disease, and the thought of not knowing when this pandemic is going to get better is scary.

Lots of people haven’t made their mark in the world, and dying before even getting that chance takes you to a whole different mental state. It makes you determined to do everything you can to not help spread this disease.

What happens to that world after all of this has happened? It will, of course, be damaged, and we will have to use a lot of money for repair and refills. A lot of what-ifs fill your brain. What if everyone becomes poor? What if I get sick? What if we can’t repair all of the damage?

So, the only thing that keeps me from thinking about these things is God, my family and friends. So, this is how this pandemic is affecting me.

Lyia Gainey is a 7th grade student at Jefferson School in the Normandy Schools Collaborative.

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