Dorothy Dempsey

St. Louis was once a beautiful thriving metropolis. with some of the most beautiful trees you would ever want to see. I have always loved trees. They are one of the many  gifts that God has bestowed on us.

It is very sad to see the state of the trees in St. Louis city, North or South. If you travel north or south on Kingshighway, the trees are the same, untrimmed and unkempt. A vacant house at 4703 San Francisco has a whole tree trunk lying on the front lawn and a tree with a very dangerous limb hanging into the alley in its back yard. It has been reported to the neighborhood stabilization office on many occasions. The stabilization officer says that their hands are tied.

The problem has not been resolved. What are our tax dollars being used for? You call about having the trees trimmed, and they give you a telephone number to call and a service number; yet the trees never get pruned. There are some trees that have overhang that are blocking the street light at Kingshighway and Maffit and a street sign at Euclid and Lexington.

The residents of St. Louis city are being shortchanged in garbage pickup, street cleaning,  tree trimming, neighborhood stabilization, city highway maintenance. The highway from downtown St. Louis to the airport is horrible. This is what people see as their first glimpse of St. Louis.

What are the bare benefits for the citizens? We are not asking for anything special, just bare benefits that any citizen would expect to have. It is as if there are people waiting for St. Louis city to die and all its citizens of color to just move on out of the way.

Anything of beauty does not seem necessary in neighborhoods of color in our city.

They built flowerbeds in the middle of the streets starting at Dr. Martin Luther King Drive and Kingshighway to Penrose. The flower beds start again at the Highway 70 overpass and Kingshighway and end at West Florissant.

All other flowerbeds are located on Kingshighway in front of Barnes-Jewish Hospital or any other known landmarked areas and have flowers that are well manicured. All other flower beds have nothing worth mentioning.

Why have we as citizens become so acclimatized to the things that are happening in our community and our lives? St. Louis has one of the highest crime rates in addition to its  poor city maintenance, drugs, and recent mass shootings.

Mass shootings have become so commonplace until it is sad that they do not seem to grip us like before. We have become callous, and it should not be like that.

It is the same with the beautiful gift of trees. Like so many other gifts from God, we have become immune to them.   

It would be a beautiful thing if all God’s children were treated equal and if God's most beautiful gift of trees were treated as a precious gifts from God.

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