Rose Jackson-Beavers

It is disheartening to witness people stating that they will not vote for Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders.

Some feel Biden is too old. However, I have learned we should keep veterans like Biden for their valuable experience, source of contacts, and abundant knowledge. Yet, we have people who want to throw him outlike he is no longer valuable. 

Biden is the most knowledgeable about what it takes to be president and what is going to be needed to gain back this nation's respect and power, especially after Trump, with his mob-like persona, destroys our image and reputation. 

As for Sanders, he can be loud, abrasive, and pushy. He also has this grandiose idea to give everything away for free. Worst of all, he does not support the other candidates by insisting his supporters back the nominee, no matter who that person happens to be.  

Black people are trapped in trauma. We harp on the wrong things. Many times, we do not support our brothers and sisters who are successful or own businesses. Other races hire from their own communities, but somehow we cannot get past the hurt and mistreatment perpetrated against us. We refuse to help ourselves or our communities, all because we cannot let things go. 

Where did this trauma we hold onto come from, and why are we still living in it? Could 400 years of pain still haunt us? Does the legacy and hurt linger and run through our veins, making us relive the hell our ancestors experienced? Tragedies in our neighborhoods happen daily as our friends, loved ones, and young people are slaughtered in the streets. How can we ever learn how to deal with such anguish? 

Does trauma affect our choices when a candidate makes disparaging remarks and comments about our people? Does that take us back down memory lane to a time when our ancestors were suppressed from working, voting, or eating in restaurants? 

Trump is turning back the clock of racism. If we do not stand up and vote, we will give him a second term to wage war against our rights. This world, as we know it, is dying. You can help save it by choosing to vote. Here are some things you can do to help keep Trump from being re-elected.

Vote blue no matter who. We are not perfect human beings. We all have done something we would rather leave the covers over. Recognize this, and do what is right for the country. 

Stop reading fake news stories. Remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't. Look at the web pages.  If the link has something you never heard of, it's probably fake.

Think about your families. If Trump stays in, what is going to happen to your unemployed relative or family member? How will you or your parents pay for your medication? Will you have health insurance coverage or benefits to feed growing babies, or will you have to continue to work two or three jobs?

Determine whether it is riskier not to vote than to vote for the Democratic nominee. Do you want to go to seek higher education? How will you pay for the rising cost of tuition? Will you be able to get a loan? 

Think about the impact it will have if you do not vote. Trump abuses his power for self-interest. Remember what Trump thinks of you, your family, and friends as you stay in bed and give up your right to vote. Remember the next time a Supreme Court nominee is considered, it will be Trump-appointed. If this happens, it could be worse than anything you can imagine for our rights. 

Do not stay at home. Vote blue no matter who. You do not want to wake up one day and realize you will never be able to vote again.

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