Dorothy Dempsey

The killings must stop! There is nothing on this earth that is as brutal as watching children dying. The death of young children – for children to never see the rise of the morning sun, the love in their parents’ eyes, playtime with siblings and friends or growing up – is especially heartbreaking.

All of this taken away by guns. A football game is the last  place you would suspect it would happen. Where are the safe and happy places for children, especially in black neighborhoods?

Lack of education and finance are two of the major causes of violence. Blacks continue to be under-educated, unemployed, incarcerated and treated as inferior. When people feel devalued, this leads to tragic consequences.

The NRA (National Rifle Association) has lobbied against firearm legislation since 1975. Gun lobbyists and gun manufacturers are in bed with the NRA. The right to bear arms has grown out of context in today's gun world. People who live in rural areas have no problem with access to guns. Now the hunting has moved from the rural areas, and humans have become the hunted. Children are being killed like animals in the streets. Gun laws have to change for the protection of our families and especially our children. The children are our legacy for the future of the diversity of a changing world. We cannot continue on this downhill that enriches gun manufacturers and causes pain and suffering to so many families.

It is sad to hear the mother of 7-year-old Xavier Usanga speak the heartfelt truth of the possibility of her son growing up and becoming a victim of the streets and that dying might have been his better fate. How many more parents are exactly like her? In a desperate place of no return.

To continue to see mass murders, school shootings, suicide, all due to an access to guns is a form of lawlessness that is painful to digest. We the people have to take a stand and do what we know is right, and that is to protect our children at all cost. Guns should never take away the longevity of a child's life.

Gun manufacturers will do whatever is necessary to continue to sell guns; only we the people can stop them. We cannot allow the greed of people who do not care to take away our children.

As for the children who have died, they have entered into God's kingdom. There is always a special place in heaven for children.

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