Dorothy Dempsey

Why is it that Natural Bridge Avenue – a main thoroughfare on the North Side of St. Louis, a street teaming with many places of business – is such an eyesore? There are vacant lots filled with trash, an empty filling station property prone to vagrants the homeless and debris, a vacant old National Supermarket, and another empty filling station lot where the city has seen fit to utilize part of the property and left the other part looking the same.

It seems the residents on Natural Bridge should complain. There are many businesses  on Natural Bridge: Commerce Bank, Walgreens, Schnucks, Lee's Chicken, McDonald's, Burger King, Family Dollar, Save A Lot and Auto Zone, just to name a few, plus the Julia Davis Branch of the St. Louis Public Library.

Natural Bridge seems to be a thriving boulevard, yet the question might be why residents, business people and the city are not of one accord in trying to keep their neighborhood clean and favorable to people living and doing business there.

The neighborhood belongs to those who have a financial stake in it. Their businesses, their mainstay and livelihood, should be like their homes. The people who frequent their businesses – the people who are keeping them in business – appreciate when the grass is cut and the trash is picked up.

The neighborhoods in North St. Louis are not the best. We are fighting every day to resolve the issue of the decay of the North St. Louis.

There is a young lady in our neighborhood who is so avid about keeping the North Side clean that she has dedicated all of her spare time to taking Brightside trash bags and attaching them to poles in the neighborhoods. When the bags are filled with trash, she goes back to pick them up. If only we had more dedicated people like her.

NaturalBridge is a part of our neighborhood The business owners on Natural Bridge Avenue can start taking an active part in trying to help to clean up North St. Louis, starting with Natural  Bridge. This is a shout out to them to please understand that we are all in this fight together and that the people are the ones who support your businesses every single day.

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