O'Fallon Park

O'Fallon Park

An $81 million revitalization project was recently announced as the goal of a partnership between AMJ Investment Group, Kwame Building Group, St. Louis and Alderman John Collins-Muhammad. 

The project has been deemed The City District and aims to revitalize 10 blocks in the historic O’Fallon Park Neighborhood in north St. Louis, according to a news release. The project aims to complete new construction as well as redevelopment of 610,000 square feet, creating 128 parcels of retail space, single and multi-family homes and community green space. The project is scheduled to be completed in Spring 2025.

"The City District is about taking direct responsibility for the economic development of the next generation of our city. This project aims to not simply ‘redevelop’ the O’Fallon neighborhood, but also provide overdue opportunities and a well-deserved chance for the area to economically thrive,” said Miki Jones in the news release. Jones is president of AMJ Investment Group and The City District’s developer.

The release outlined two separate phases in the project. Phase one will cost approximately $34 million and will demolish 66 parcels of property — 50% of which are currently vacant — and the land will be reallocated for new construction of retail, homes and community green spaces. Demolition is set to begin in March. 

In addition, the construction team will also construct a city plaza during phase one, which aims to create a vibrant shopping and recreational area for a “thriving local labor force.”

During phase two of the project, $1 million will be invested in rehabilitating 26 existing homes, some of which will be converted into multi-use rental properties while retaining their architectural history.

Phase two will also include  a $24 million project to construct new single and multi-family homes. 

“This development project represents the future of our community,” Collins-Muhammad said in the release. “These community-led developments not only bring much needed quality housing and commercial construction to our treasured part of North City, but also demonstrate our commitment to revitalization through grassroots organizing and community planning." Collins-Muhammad represents the area in which the development is planned for. 

The O’Fallon Park Neighborhood 

The O’Fallon Park neighborhood was created from divided farmland nearly 145 years ago, according to The City District’s release. 

This is one of several redevelopment projects planned for this area of North St. Louis. The others include the new $2 billion National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency located three miles away and a planned $80 million medical school for Ponce Health Sciences University.

More than 1,000 workers could be employed daily in 2022 during peak construction of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s new $1.75 billion facility project, which broke ground on November 26, 2019. The city’s inclusion goals require that a minimum of 25 percent of the contract’s labor hours go to minorities, 7 percent go to women, 23 percent to city residents and 20 percent to apprentices.

"I'm proud of this ambitious plan to bring redevelopment to the 21st Ward,” said Collins-Muhammad in the press release. “Working with the talented and zealous representatives of the AMJ Investment Group coupled with construction management expertise of Kwame Building Group, we are relaying a foundation to foster an economic resurgence in north city.” 

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