Confederate flag projected onto police vehicle

Activists gave some St. Louis city police cars new “bumper stickers” on June 3, by projecting the images of current and former police officers’ discriminatory social media posts recently released by the Plain View Project.

They projected the Confederate flag and a racist post about Islam, both which came from Facebook posts from city officer Thomas Mabrey.

On the wall of the St. Louis Police Headquarters on Olive Street, they projected a July 2013 Facebook post from officer Michael Calcaterra that read, “They said, ‘F--k the police,’ so I said, ‘F--k your 911 call. I’ll get to your dying home boy when I finish my coffee.”

When is White History Month

Projections were part of a series of actions from the activists groups, the Justice Cup and Artivists. On May 30, the activists projected messages on the Enterprise Center, including, “It is our duty to fight for our freedom.”

Two women also attempted to unfurl a banner on stage during the national anthem at the Stanley Cup Street Festival and Viewing Party in downtown St. Louis. Two police officers pulled it away just as they got it opened.

The groups have a long list of demands, including issues of climate change, LGBTQ, accessibility, state sanctioned violence, immigration and others.

“They are radical,” said Elizabeth Vega, leader of the Artivists. “We are seeking to not just change the injustice but transform our culture into a world that we can truly reimagine for our children and grandchildren.”

The list of their demands are here, and they say the actions will continue throughout the Blues’ games.

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